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Zen Mobile
Zen Mobile release trailer00:22

Zen Mobile release trailer

The Zen Mobile family and the release trailer
Developer(s) Zen Studios
Manufacturer(s) Zen Studios
Subtype(s) Zen Mobile+
Storage 16GB
Online Connectivity Wi-Fi
Release Date(s)
Late 2016
Media Downloadable


Zen Mobile is a smartphone developed and manufactured by Zen Studios. As you'd expect, it comes with Zen OS preinstalled, although you can install custom ROMs.

The smartphone has 16GB of memory and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Zen Mobile has a variant, named Zen Mobile Plus (Styled as Zen Mobile+) which has a slightly bigger screen and 32GB of memory.

The 9th of July 2016, Zen Studios revealed the final design. The reason for the change was to make Zen Mobile more similar to the rest of Zen Studios's device lineup. This change even translated to the system's new version.


  • Zen Mobile was named "Project: Smart" during development.
  • Zen Studios wanted the Zen Mobile to work both as a phone, a game console and a PC, hence the slogan "Yes a phone, not a phone".
  • Zen Studios has released a video showing how to install custom ROMs.
    Installing a custom ROM in Zen Mobile00:34

    Installing a custom ROM in Zen Mobile

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