Zen Guy is a Shy Guy and Dashed Koopa's sidekick. He is very smart, and uses his intelligence to defeat enemies

Zen Guy
Zen Guy Sprite
Full Name Zen Guy
Current Age 13
Gender Male
Location Wasresh City
Class Hero,Sidekick.
Main Weapon(s) Splinshot
Ability/ies Flutter Jump,turning into Fly Guy
Latest Appearance Dashed Koopa's Great Adventure
instead of fighting, because he is weak. His main enemy is Axwell, because he is opposite of him (he is strong, but foolish).


Dashed Koopa's Great Adventure

He made his first appearance in this game. In his story, he must find Gold Koopa Shell for Axwell, because something bad will happen for Zen Guy. He has easy difficulty, and his abilities are Flutter Jump, Fly Guy and Slingshot.

Fantendo Tennis Superstars

He appears as one of default characters in game.