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Zen the purple doctor as he appears in Indigo Guy: Project Z.E.R.O.
Full Name Zen
Current Age 37
Date of Birth 12 October 1974
Gender Male
Location Z.E.R.O.
Main Weapon(s) Vacuum-Gun
Ability/ies Become the true form.
First Appearance Project Z.E.R.O.
Zen is the main villain of Indigo Guy: Project Z.E.R.O., he's the evil doctor of them all, he has a Vacuum-Gun that it will make stronger.


Indigo Guy: Project Z.E.R.O.

Zen appears as in this game, he lives in Z.E.R.O, the factory.

True Form

Zen has an ability to transform into a, big, monstrous, frightful monster named "Wayala-Zaa-Wayalanin". He has a giant body, three heads, still two hands and three legs to combine a evil monster.



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