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Zellen Harley Quimbleson
Zellen, the sneaky Herald.
Full Name Zellen Harley Quimbleson
Current Age 21
Date of Birth May 10th, 1995
Gender Female
Species Human/Herald
Align Whatever works for her!
Current Status Alive
Class Herald
Main Weapon(s) Universal Portals

Angel Blades

Element(s) Light
Ability/ies Portals to other universes

Being able to "write" alternate universes
Sealing and unsealing powers

Vulnerable To Skin doesn't heal on it's own


Ethnicity White
Height 6'01
Weight 120 pounds
First Appearance Project F Zone
Zell, Harley
Latest Appearance  ???
My name is Zellen, if you must know...
Zelen, when typically meeting people.

Zellen (full name Zellen Harley Quimbleson) is a "Herald", a person that can open up alternate universes and with the help of the Stenographer Stones, create alternate universes. She also has the unique ability to seal and unseal powers. She has yet to make a appearance in anything.


Zellen is a blonde haired woman who wears white glasses over her eyes. She has two "wings" in her hair that are actually her weapons the Angel Blades. She usually wears a white dress with detached sleeves and white socks and black boots.


Zellen is self-righteous, cunning, and flamboyant, often showing off whenever she can. She is overtly confident in her own powers and she doesn't take things too seriously. She considers things that are of no interest bothersome, irked especially by characters like Unten and Reese. Even when faced with serious situations, she is calm and somewhat blasé.

She doesn't really "work" with others so much as "use" them for her own goals, which is usually seeking out the Stenographer Stones. She lies about anything to get what she wants, but is bad at keeping any promise she makes. She is actually fairly easy to mess up in a fight if annoyed, but is deadly otherwise. She hold no value for any life, with the knowledge that there exists infinite versions of that person. Her disregard for lives is incredible, as she will not even spare a second to save a person dangling on a cliff side.

She enjoys guacamole and watermelon, often seeing enjoying these two foods together much to the disgust of everyone else.



Powers and Abilities

Zellen is a Herald, which means she can go to any universe she knows of with her portal powers, as well as summon objects and creatures from other worlds. She can also use the Stenographer Stones to "write" her own alternate universe. Unique to her as a Herald, she has the ability to seal and unseal powers but she can't unseal powers from descended beings. Her sealing can also be undone through magical means.

She carries around two weapons in her hair called the "Angel Blades", which can morph to match any opponent's blade or weapon, however the hilts shatter like porcelain. Getting her annoyed enough will cause her to shatter the hilts and render them unuseable.

She also has an amiibo Phone and a large collection of amiibo, mostly resembling Fantendo characters. She often scans with the phone to make calls or summon Fantendo characters for various purposes, some nefarious and some well-meaning. As every character she summons typically is from parallel universes from the main Fantendoverse one, the prime universe doesn't really realize she's doing this.

She lacks the basic human ability to heal over a period of time, meaning that every mark and every scar must be remedied through healing magic. She claims to bathe in a healing spring every three days.


It's worth noting that all of her appearances are "canon" to an extent, as in she has memory of everything she's ever been in. Which means that regardless of what universe she's in, she can allude to events that happened in other universes. Which means if she was in a puzzle game, she might reference the events of that in the main!New Fantendoverse because she was actually there. The only truly non-canonical appearances she would have is if she died, but even then she could have tools to fake her own death.

Project F Zone

Zellen makes her first appearance (development wise) in Project F Zone. When Zellen is called in during a battle, she summons alternate universe incarnations of the team she is assisting. These duplicates copy the movements of the original team, effectively doubling overall power. The doubles last for another turn after being summoned, and do not duplicate special moves.

Fantendo Realms Resort

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Zellen appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory as a playable character and was revealed on August 18th, 2016.



Trophy Information



  • Zellen was originally going to be in Fantendo Sports Resort, however only her design had been finalized and Cura was ultimately a better choice for a character to introduce in the game.
    • She did ultimately appear in the DLC Expansion Fantendo Realms Resort, where she appears as a playable character.
  • Zellen owns a amiibo Phone and seems to have gotten it fairly recently as she doesn't use it in her earlier appearances. She owns a wealth of amiibo in her pocket dimension, mostly of Fantendoverse characters.
  • The character was inspired by Ash Crimson of The King of Fighters franchise.
  • Zellen's Community Draw had the least amount of entries out of all the Community Draws when it ended.

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