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Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
Single-player, Multiplayer, Online-Multiplayer
Genre(s) Role-playing video game
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Game Card

Zeldamon Power Version and Wisdom Version and later, Courage Version are part of the Game+Pokémon, or, Nintendomon collaboration series by the community of Fantendo.

It is a fusion between the Legend of Zelda series and the Pokémon franchise and are heavily inspired by their aesthetic aspects, respectively;
The game will play like Pokémon in the Pokémon universe, but will borrow the lore of the Legend of Zelda.



Zeldamon is set in the Hyrule region, based off of the reoccurring Land of Hyrule in the Legend of Zelda series, but will include various locations outside of the main kingdom.

The Pokémon in this game will be based off of various creatures, enemies, and companions in the Legend of Zelda series and have no connection to the existing Pokémon games.




Image Name Description
Trainer link Link The 'male trainer' option if the player "is a boy". Also one of the player's rivals if they are "a girl". His name can be changed.
Trainer zelda Zelda The 'female trainer' if the player "is a girl". Also one of the player's rival if they are "a boy". Her name can be changed.
File:N/A Prof. Gaepora The Professor of Skyloft Town. He is studying the Heart-Force of Pokémon alongside Prof. Hyrule, and gives the trainer their first Pokémon.
File:N/A Prof. Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule The Professor of Hyrule Castle Town. He is studying the Heart-Force of Pokémon alongside Prof. Gaepora.
File:N/A Ravio One of player's friendly rival if they are "a boy". His name can be changed.
File:N/A Hilda One of player's friendly rival if they are "a girl". Her name can be changed.
File:N/A Groose One of player's rival that they meet throughout the game. His dialogue and actions will depend on whether the player is "a boy" or "a girl".
File:N/A Ganondorf The antagonist of the game. He is the leader of Team Spirit.


Please excuse the awful names. Independent Pokédex page pending!

HyliaDex Image Name Type Entry
#001 File:N/A Spryte Type Grass The Forest Sprite Pokémon 
It's said it comes from the deepest forests, born from the pollen of flowers and the hollows of trees.
#002 Nymph Type Grass
Type Fairy
The Forest Sprite Pokémon 
It's incredibly small, but emits an otherworldly glow—the brighter it is, the stronger its will to fight!
#003 Fairy Type Grass
Type Fairy
The Forest Sprite Pokémon 
These little creatures are incredibly helpful and are an essential to all travellers. Wild Faries are known to guide the lost out of the forest.
#004 Loftchick Type Fire The Sacred Flight Pokémon 
They come in various different colours and plumes. It's said that these birds were created by the Goddesses themselves.
#005 Wingling Type Fire
Type Flying
The Sacred Flight Pokémon 
These birds of flights start learning how fly in their Wingling stages! They're able to travel distances of one mile on their first few flights.
#006 Loftwing Type Fire
Type Flying
The Sacred Flight Pokémon 
As expected, being blessed by the Goddesses, they are ables to reach amazing speeds in the air in a drill-like fashion. 
#007 Seafry? Type Water The Loyal Coral Pokémon 
Although very small, they are known to adopt a sense of purpose and loyalty very quickly, and will get attached with their trainer soon after capture.
#008 Sealla? Type Water The Loyal Coral Pokémon 
Of a slight cowardly-nature, they are extremly agile in the water, and can amazingly fit in any kind of nook-and-cranny.
#009 Parella Type Water
Type Light
The Loyal Coral Pokémon 
The amazing development of coral on their head is not only a dazzling display of beauty and colour, but a vital tool used in the heat of battle!
# Blessed Butterfuly Type Bug
Type Light
The Blessed Bug Pokémon 
Its glass wings are shines in a brilliant gloss. Though very comon, they tend to gather around items hidden in tall grass.
# Skyloft Mantis Type Bug
Type Light
The Breezy Bug Pokémon 
Native to the proximal Skyloft area. Though very common, they often choose to run away during battles.
# Hornet Larvae Type Bug The Dormant Stinger Pokémon
Hornet Larvae farms harvest the bitter-sweet sap out of the hives they hide in before they evolve into the 'agressive stingers' they're known for!
# Deku Hornet

Type BugType Poison

The Aggressive Stinger Pokémon
Usually found in hoards, each packed with a killer sting, they are a rookie-trainer's worst nightmare!

# Guay Type Flying The Impulsive Thief Pokémon
There are better chances finding something you're missing if you go after a Guay than looking into "Lost-and-Found"!
# Hrok Type Flying
Type Rock
The Territorial Pokémon
The large boulders it usually carries around is the result of culminated stone it wasn't able to digest in its mineral-based diet.
# Kargarok Type Flying
Type Dragon
The Roc Pokémon 
They are known for their lovely display of feathers juxtaposed to their distinctive cry. Their valuable feathers are often collected for many different reason. 
# Helmaroc Type Dragon
Type Steel
The Roc Pokémon 
A thick, mighty, steel mask protects its sensitive face in battle and from the wind. Its exceedingly long rectrice follows its flight path like a streamer in the sky.
# Bomchu Type Normal
Type Fire
The Squeaky Bomb Pokémon 
A highly explosive rodent! Once they lock onto a target, it'll chase it relentlessly until it gets tired. You'll know if it's after you if the feint sound of squeaking is not far behind.
# Rope Type Poison The Sneaky Snake Pokémon 
It chooses to live in dark, damp places. They'll charge straight for whatever they hapen to spot!
# Staldra Type Poison The Tri-Headed Pokémon 
The bone-plated heads allows it to venture out from the dark into the open. The  three heads seem to perfectly work in harmony.
# Keese Type Flying The Versatile Batty Pokémon 
Keese exist in many types—Normal, Fire, Ice, Twilight, Electric, and Poison. These creatures are highly irratable, and they often travel in large groups.
# Deku Scrub Type Grass The Swamp Forest Pokémon 
A cowardly shrub that hides in the grass and jumps up to spit out nuts in retaliation.
# Mad Scrub Type Grass The Swamp Forest Pokémon 
This scrub camouglages itself in the tall grass and reveals themselves to attack those who pass by. Their nuts are known to cause "stunning effects"!
# Puffstool Type Normal The Tiny Dusty Pokémon 
Despite its miniscule size, this tiny creature leaves behind a mad cloud of dust and smoke behind in its path. It's hard, red cap protects its head from almost anything!
# Zirro Type Normal
Type Flying
The Dusty Winged Pokémon 
The tiny wings grown on its cap allows it to fly short distances, leaving behind a cloudy stream of dust and smoke behind in its path.
# Skulltula Type Bug
Type Poison
The Superior Arachnid Pokémon 
The skull-like pattern on the back of its boddess intimidates many, and gets them most when they don't expect it! Its undeveloped fangs has is fight with its lethal fore-limbs.
# Gohma Type Bug
Type Poison
The  Armored Arachnid Pokémon 
Thick, strong, rock-like plates protect and cover the main body. The pincer-like claws on its fore-limbs allow it for more malleble kinetics. 
# Morths Type Bug The Psychadelic Moth Pokémon 
Spikes cover its spherical body, save for the eye. The projections are used as a vital tool in defense and offense, but tend to latch onto fabrics and cloths.
# Morthula Type Bug
Type Fairy
The Psychadelic Moth Pokémon 
Its massive wing span packs a hefty gust that can stop you in your tracks! It can still tuck is wing back behind its back and walk around bipedally.
# Leever Type Normal The Ground Sprout Pokémon 
Despite not having any noticable limbs, it surprising move quickly under the earth and jumps out for a surprise attack!
# Peahat Type Grass
Type Flying
The Sky Sprout Pokémon 
A Leever will evolve into a Peahat if it occurs in over a land. After evolving, it will pop out from the surface and propell itself into the air. The roots on its bottom  are still visible from when it was still rooted in the ground.
# Seahat Type Water
Type Flying
The Sea Sprout Pokémon 
A Leever will evolve into a Seahat if it occurs in over a bed of water. After evolving, it will pop out from the surface and propell itself into the air. 
# Remlit Type Normal
Type Light
The Domestic Angel Pokémon 
These creatures make perfect pets for all ages of all kinds! They are only seen during the day for reasons unknown...
# Moonlit Type Normal
Type Dark
The Domestic Demon Pokémon 
These creatures are extremely vicious and will chase their victims down. They are only seen during the night for some reason...
# Monkey? Type Normal The Cheeky Primate Pokémon 
These highly intelligent creatures are extremely rich in personality. They are known to either be a help or hinderance to those passing through the jungle, so beware!
# Ook? Type Normal The Cheeky Primate Pokémon 
Highly mischevious, these creatures tend to like to hide in the canopies of the trees. Their distinct calls can be heard through the jungle and are known to be the source of many legendary myths in that area.
# Twiwolf Type Light
Type twilight
The Sacred Beast Pokémon 
This mysterious creature is thought to be blessed by the Goddesses. They tend to like to travel alone, but can be extremely loyal through bonding.
# Toado Type Water The Amphibius Spore Pokémon 
These amphibius creatures are born in large masses. Once hatched from its cell, it parts away from the rest of the spawn.
# Toadpolis Type Water
Type Poison
The Amphibius Spore Pokémon 
Its hind legs helps it propel through the water with much more finesse. It will surface from the water to spit out slug-covered rock projectiles.
# Deku Toad Type Water
Type Poison
The King Amphibius Pokémon 
Despite its weight, this giant amphibian can climb walls and cling onto ceilings with the massive amounts of mucus it secretes.
# Gekko Type Water
Type Poison
The Toxic Amphibius Pokémon 
Its brightly coloured skin and various circle patterning will sting whatever it comes in contact with and will secrete toxic acids if evoked.
# Miniblin Type Normal The Blin Warrior Pokémon 
These little imp-like creatures are quick and agile. They like to scurry along the edges of the area and have a distinctive call to gather in great numbers.
# Bokoblin Type Dark The Blin Warrior Pokémon 
These aggressive imp-like creatures prefers to fight with weapons and tools. They are all action and are, by no means, the most intelligent. 
# Moblin Type Dark
Type Fighting
The Blin Warrior Pokémon 
Its large build slows it down considerably but makes up for its increased strength and power. 
# Boko Baba Type Grass The Venus Trap Pokémon 
It hides itself in the tall grass mimicing that of a "baba bud" to lure its unsucpecting victim closer to be able to trap and to swallow.
# Deku Baba Type Grass The Venus Trap Pokémon 
This aggressive plant isn't afraid to lunge at anything that approaches it! It has a tough outer huck protecting its head and sharp teeth that help it digest its food.
# Baba Serpent Type Grass
Type Poison
The Venus Trap Pokémon 
They are much more aggressive than other Babas, and will cling on to their last bit of health no matter what. Their mucous glands secrete a forein type of toxic poision.
# Octrorok Type Water
Type Rock
The Land Mollusk Pokémon 
Decended from oceanic mollusks, they have developed an uncanny ability to spit out rocks and a capability to adapt to the land and its different environments.
# Biri Type Water
Type Electric
The Jelly Fish Pokémon 
This small aquatic creature floats effortlessly along the current of the water. Its thin, tiny tentacles sting whatever it happens to brush itself against.
# Bari Type Water
Type Electric
The Jelly Fish Pokémon 
This gelatinous mass uses its strong, supported tentacles to propel itself in the water and to maticulously sting their victims.
# Bellum Type Water
Type Dark
The Phantom Fish Pokémon 
A squid-like creature with eye-like sensors on the ends of its tentacles. A case of bronze protects its main body.
# Geozard Type Water
Type Fighting
The Fish Warrior Pokémon 
This swamp-like marine-dwelling creature carries armor and weapons upon its large build. It's often compared to the primitive River Zoras of the past.
# Like Like Type Normal
Type Ground
The Deceitful Theif Pokémon 
This mystery creature hides in waiting for someone to pass, only for it to swallow them and spit them back out, stealing something of theirs in the process. It has been the demise for many travellers.
# Pyrup Type Fire
Type Fairy
The Magma Pest Pokémon 
This cowardly, skittish creture tends to hide in small holes or hides and attacks from afar, spitting out flames, more in defense than offense. 
# Helmasaur Type Steel The Armored Reptilian Pokémon 
This small reptilian has a steel-armored helmet  protecting its front. It'll charge forward, head strong! But, unfortunately, it forgot to cover its hind!
# Helmasaurus Type Steel
Type Dragon
The Armored Reptilian Pokémon 
This large reptillian has a large steel-armored husk protecting its body. Its powerful, stong hind legs push it forward, but it isn't protected by the husk!
# Shell Blade Type Water
Type Steel
The Clammy Pest Pokémon 
The large, powerful muscles that attach the shells together pack a powerful punch when it releases, slamming shut!
# Pony? Type Normal The Companion Stallion Pokémon 
A highly emotional-intelligent creature. Each have their own distinct, individual personality. If cared well, it will become very loyal as it is a key companion.
# Horse? Type Normal
Type Fighting
The Companion Stallion Pokémon 
This powerfull steed can reach exceptional land speeds in a matter of seconds. In the wild, they're extremely hard to tame, but when loyal, they're extremely hard to release.
# Cow? Type Normal The Grass Grazer Pokémon 
These grazing creatures are the prized livestock of Hyrule's renowned Lon-Lon Milk industry. 
# Moink Type Normal The Farm Labour Pokémon 
Despite its patterning, it isn't any kind of species of cow at all! It's a very strong, domesticated species of boar—a build that is ideal for hard physical farming labour. 
# Ordon Goat Type Normal
Type Grass
The Wooly Labour Pokémon 
Native to the Ordona Province, they are a key asset to Hyrule's agricultural industry. They are known for their creamy milk which is often made into Ordon Goat Cheese.
# Cucco Type Normal The Foul Poultry Pokémon 
These free-roaming docile creatures can turn extremely aggressive at a blink of an eye when provoked, joining together in a hoard of mass-spectacle. 
# Bulbo Type Normal
Type Dark
The Great Boar Pokémon 
These great, roaring wild beast is known to be the king of all boars. Its nature is all instinct, and not-so "all intelligence", making it fairly unpredictable in behavior.
# Sentrobe Type Electric
Type Steel
The Ancient Drone Pokémon 
These articial-creatures are devoted to their assigned post from times before. It's extremely small and capable of flight, making it the perfect companion to squeeze into any kind of nook-and-cranny.
# Armos Type Electric
Type Psychic
The Ancient Drone Pokémon 
These statue-like creature seems lifeless at first, but are actually very territorial and will go after anything that enters its perimeters. 
# Beamos Type Electric
Type Psychic
The Ancient Drone Pokémon 
These totem-like creature are one of the most technological advanced creatures known. They have an immaculate tracking system, having a very high accuracy level.
# Chu Chu --- The Versatile Jelly Pokémon 
Chu Chu exist in many types—Normal, Fire, Ice, Electric, and Poison. They are extremely slimy, and tend to stick to the ceilings of many enclosed areas.
# Bubble Type Ghost The Cursed Skull Pokémon 
Bubbles exist in Fire and Ice types. These floating skulls are said to be the cursed remains of past travellers, out to get their revenge.
# Poe Type Ghost The Wandering Soul Pokémon 
These creatures are said to be lost souls of the past, made to wander the feilds of Hyrule at night. The latern that it holds looks like an etheral light from the distance, luring its victims in.
# Imp Poe Type Ghost The Wandering Soul Pokémon 
These stalkers of the night weild a giant scythe, luring its victims in, attracted to the glow of its latern, to be reaped. The faint jingle can be heard if they are close by.
# Moldorm Type Ground The Earth Worm Pokémon 
The worm-like creatures tend to like to infiltrate the grounds and are often found in dark, labyrinth-like areas. Once they set their sights on an enemy, it will relentlessly chase them down! 
# Magtail Type Ground
Type Fire
The Earth Worm Pokémon 
A centipede-like creature that is able to withstand amazing levels of heat, prefering to reside in desert or volcanic environments. Its thick igneous rock exterior protects its soft body.
# Puppet Type Ghost The Wooden Pawn Pokémon 
An odd, wooden creature, that are said to be the sources for the strange noises and music that is sometime heard deep within the woods.
# Karat Crab Type Ground The Golden Sand Pokémon 
A small land crawler, with a thick, hardened exteior, giving it a shiny resilience, and a resilient protection. Its golden pigment often gave the illusion of great value, and is often sold in flea markets.
# Furnix Type Fire
Type Flying
The Flame Feathered Pokémon 
A bright, red creature, that is constantly seen airbourne, actively in the search for water sources. They have often been the inspiration for varying forms of art due to its delicate design.
# Skytail Type Flying The Winged Worm Pokémon 
These ancient creatures are said to be the source for many ancient tales, and folk lore. They tend to linger up in the clouds, but will descend if a fog happens to build up on the surface.
# Spume --- The Versatile Polliwog Pokémon 
Spupe exist in many types— Fire, Water, Electric, and Poison. These creatures are prone to spit out dangerous projectiles if approached.
# Ghini Type Ghost The Ghastly Spirit Pokémon 
These pale creatures are known to roam deep, dark places, but are involuntarily attracted to the light. Their large tongues are said to be used to lick the lifeforce from one's body.
# Gibdo Type Dark
Type Ghost
The Undead Mummy Pokémon 
Despite its appearance, it is extremely resilient to many physical attacks. These slow moving creatures are said to chase after its victims relentlessly, and even eat its flesh.
# ReDead Type Dark The Undead Pokémon 
These undead creatures live only in the darkest depths of the earth. Their icy cold gaze, and piercing scream paralyze their victims with fear.
# ReDead Knight Type Dark
Type Fighting
The Undead Knight Pokémon 
Armed with a thick, heavy blade, these creatures will paralyze their victims and strike down a harsh, hard hitting blow.
# Tektite Type Water The Pond Skidder Pokémon 
# Omuai Type Water DESC.
# Plasmarine Type Water
Type Poison
# Bombfish Type Water DESC.
# Gyorg Type Water
Type Dragon
# Malgyorg Type Water
Type Dragon
# Cranioc Type Water
Type Fighting
# Froak Type Water
Type Poison
# Wolfos Type Dark DESC.
# White Wolfos Type Dark
Type Ice
# Yook Type Normal
Type Ice
# Chilfos Type Ice
Type Fighting
# Freezard Type Ice DESC.
# Dynalfos Type Fighting DESC.
# Lizalfos Type Fighting
Type Dark
# Aeralfos Type Fighting
Type Flying
# Stalchild Type Dark DESC.
# Stalfos Type Dark
Type Fighting
# Phantom Eye Type Ghost DESC.
# Phantom Type Ghost
Type Steel
# Stalhound Type Dark DESC.
# Darknut Type Dark
Type Fighting
# Iron Knuckle? Type Fighting DESC.
# Ooccoo Jr. Type Light DESC.
# Ooccoo Type Light
Type Psychic
# Dexihand? Type Normal
Type Dark
# Magmanos? Type Dark
Type Fire
# Baby Dodongo Type Fire
Type Dragon
# Dodongo Type Fire
Type Dragon
# Keaton Type Fighting DESC.
# Aracha Type Ground DESC.
# Ampilus Egg Type Ground DESC.
# Ampilus Type Ground
Type Electric
# Gerudo Dragonfly Type Bug
Type Flying
# Lanayru Ant Type Bug DESC.
# Mulldozer Type Bug
Type Ground
# Madderpillar Type Bug
Type Ground
# Pesto Type Flying DESC.
# Snuglar Type Flying DESC.
# Bombling Type Ground DESC.
# Bomskit Type Ground
Type Fire
# Wizzrobe Type Fire DESC.
# Ghoul Rat Type Ghost DESC.
# Shadow Insect Type twilight
Type Bug
# Shadow Kargarok Type twilight
Type Flying
# Shadow Beast Type twilight
Type Dark
# Silent Watcher Type Light
Type Fairy
# Earth Guardian Type Light
Type Fighting
# Sky Guardian Type Light
Type Flying
# Eldin Type Light
Type Fire
# Lanayru Type Light
Type Water
# Faron Type Light
Type Grass
# Ordona Type Light
Type Fairy


Image Name Type Pokémon Badge
File:N/A Saria Type Bug
  • Blessed Butterfly (Level 12)
  • Morthula (Level 15)
  • Deku Hornet (Level 15)
Forest Medallion Badge
Darunia Type Fire
  • Pyrup (Level 18)
  • Baby Dodongo(Level 19)
  • Furnix (Level 22)
Fire Medallion Badge
Ruto Type Water
  • Geozard (Level 25)
  • Gyorg (Level 25)
  • Bari (Level 28)
Water Medallion Badge
Rauru Type Light
  • Remlit (Level 32)
  • Ooccoo Jr. (Level 32)
  • Ooccoo (Level 34)
  • Silent Watcher (Level 36)
Light Medallion Badge
Impa Type Ghost
  • Puppet (Level 38)
  • Gibdo (Level 40)
  • Imp Poe (Level 43)
  • Phantom (Level 43)
Shadow Medallion Badge
Nabooru Type Ground
  • Bomskit (Level 40)
  • Molodorm (Level 36)
  • Magtail (Level 43)
  • Ampilus (Level 47)
Spirit Medallion Badge
Princess Midna Type twilight
Type Dark
  • Shadow Kargarok (Level 47)
  • Shadow Beast (Level 48)
  • Twiwolf (Level 50)
  • Darknut (Level 52)
Twilit Medallion Badge

Elite Four

Image Name Type Pokémon
File:N/A Din
File:N/A Nayru
File:N/A Farore
File:N/A Hylia


Towns, Cities, and significant establishments in order of appearance in the game.

Map Name Description
Skyloft Town A peaceful town in the clouds, whose land is said to be blessed by the Goddesses.
  • "Player's" house
  • "Rival's" house 1
  • "Rival's" house 2
  • Prof. Gaepora's Laboratory
Ordon Village A small town, known for it's massive farming culture! This town is the heart of Hyrule's agriculture industry.
  • Pokécentre
  • Ordon Inn
  • Ordon Ranch
Kokiri Forest A small city, hidden deep in the woods. Home of the Great Deku Tree and his children, the Kokiri.
  • Pokécentre
  • Boutique
  • Great Deku Tree
  • Kokiri Forest Gym
Hyrule Castle Town The heart of Hyrule! The amazing Hyrule-Castle can be seen anywhere in the region!
  • Pokécentre
  • Boutique
  • Café
  • Milk Bar Inn
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Hyrule Castle Gym
Lon Lon Ranch A small working ranch that prides itself in its livestock and horse-breeding.
  • Lon Lon Ranch
  • Milk Bar Inn
Kakariko Village A working-class town known for its cuccoo-breeding and the sister-town to Death Mountain City.
  • Pokécentre
  • Cuccoo Pen
  • Former Kakariko Gym
Death Mountain City A great, earthy city, home of the Goron Patriarch, at the base of Death Mountain, an active volcano.
  • Pokécentre
  • Boutique
  • Death Mountain Crater
  • Death Mountain Gym
Lake Hylia The largest lake in Hyrule, named after the Goddess Hylia herself. Its water source flows from the Zora's River.
  • Pokécentre
  • Lake-side Inn
  • Fishing Hole
  • Southern Boat Rental Cabin
Zora's Domain Home of the Royal Zoran Parliament, and the largest waterfall in Hyrule, it is known for it's deep roots in Zora culture.
  • Pokécentre
  • Boutique
  • Royal Zoran Parliament
  • Zora's Waterfall
  • Nothern Boat Rental Cabin
  • Zora's Domain Gym
Snowpeak Ruins An old abandoned mansion at the peak of the snowy mountains. It is unknown why this mansion is here or what its history is.
Gerudo Desert A vast, sacred desert land of the Gerudo people. A place once full of life and riches, now abandoned.
  • Cave of Ordeals
  • Desert Colossus
Lanayru Sand Sea The only known strip of beach in Hyrule. The body of water goes as far as the eye can see, but non have voyaged far enough to tell what lies beyond.
  • Pokécentre
  • Fishing Tour Boat Rentals
Arbiters Grounds An ancient establishments in the works of being restored. It is known for housing a large, mysterious mirror.
  • Pokécentre
  • Market
  • Arbiter's Temple
  • Mirror Chamber
Twilight Kingdom An other-worldly realm surrounded by a time of perpetual twilight, it's kingdom run by the Royal Twili Monarchy.
  • Pokécentre
  • Boutique
  • Palace of Twilight
  • Twilight Gym
  • Mirror Chamber
Temple of Time An ancient, sacred temple, build before time, dedicated to the Goddess Hylia.


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