Zelda Racers is a game being released for the 3ds. It is much like mario kart, except with a zelda twist, meaning unique characters and items from the zelda franchise and familiar tracks from the zelda universe, making this the ultimate zelda experience.


Bow and Arrow 



Hylian Shield


Link(Wolf Powerup)- Link transforms into a fierce wolf where he can scare and attack ahead racers, damaging their kart and sending it off the track.

Zelda( Sheik Powerup)- Zelda transforms into Sheik to unlease a fury of ninja attacks on the racers behind.

Ganondorf( Ganon Powerup)- Gandondorf unleashes his alter ego, going at high speeds and crushing everything in his path.

Midna( Twilight Fury Powerup)- Midna unleashes her twilight energy to flip the kart in first place up in the air.

Navi( Fairy Fury Powerup)- Navi calls a storm of fairys to confuse the racers ahead.

Linebeck( Pirate Powerup)- where linebecks now flying pirate ship swoops him up and takes him for a short ride, zooming past the racers into the top places.

Unlockable( no powerups!)

Princess Hilda

Princess Ruto





Happy Mask Salesman



Skull Kid


There are 5 cups, one of which has tracks from other nintendo games, such as mario, pokemon, kirby etc.

Arrow Cup

Lon Lon Raceway

Great Bay Pier

Dragon Roost Island

Spirit Temple

Clawshot Cup  

Hyrule Plains

Castle Town 

Zora Waterway

Kakrioko Village

Ocarina Cup

Clock Town

Sandy Shipyard

Lakebed Depths

Kokriki Forest

Majora Cup

Death Mountain

Twilight Tower

Hyrule Castle

Oocca Skyway

Nintendo Cup


Beanstalk Park( from kirby air ride)

Victory Road

Peach's Castle

Battle Courses

Arbiters Grounds

Castle Courtyard

Windfall Island

Temple of Time

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