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The Kokiri Race is one the Races in Zelda MMO, it the main race, and does not need to be unlocked, it also is one of the weakest/strongest races depending on how you use it.


There are 3 pre-made designs you must choose from, which you can edit:

Kokiri Boy_________Kokiri Girl_________Kokiri Leader

Each design comes with it's own weapon and shield:

Kokiri Boy: Kokiri Sword, Kokiri Shield

Kokiri Girl: Bow, Wooden Arrows, Kokiri Shield

Kokiri Leader: Combo Sword, Kokiri Shield

Each design also comes with 1 of 3 generated names, which you can change:

Kokiri Boy: Link, Harry, John

Kokiri Girl: Saria, Skyler, Aurora

Kokiri Leader: Skye (Girl Leader), Mike (Boy Guardian), Link (Boy Guardian)

NOTE: You can change the gender of Kokiri Leaders.


Coming Soon!

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