Zelda Kart
Developer(s) Prime Gaming
Publisher(s) Prime Gaming
Platform(s) 3DS
Tournament, Training
Genre(s) Racing
Series Zelda Kart

Zelda Kart is a spin-off of the Legend of Zelda franchise. It is a racing game and features eight playable characters. There is also power-ups and hazards. Note: This is not really meant to be taken seriously, I know it's a really ridiculous concept. I was just bored.


  • Tournament
  • Training


Character: Karts:
Link Epona, Green Motorcycle
Zelda Triforce Car, Horse-Drawn Carriage
Ganon Warthog Car, Purple Motorcycle
Skull Kid Purple Car, Skull Tank
Happy Mask Salesman Majora Car, Happy Motorcycle
Dark Link Skeletal Epona, Black Motorcycle
Old Man Red Car, Red Motorcycle
Navi Blue Go-Kart, Blue Car


  • Triforce of Speed - Makes the player go faster
  • Triforce of Invincibility - Makes the player invincible
  • Bomb - Can be thrown at enemies to blow them up
  • Triforce of Slowness - Can be thrown at enemies to slow them down


  • Lava - Fiery puddles that block the road
  • Crates - Block the road
  • Banana Peels - Much like the banana peels in Mario Kart they will send the player spiraling out of control
  • Gibdos - Mummies that walk around in the middle of the road and will get in the player's way

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