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Name Effect or find price in shop
Zelda ii heart container by blueamnesiac-d5cj0uy Heart gives 10% of life everywhere 15 rubee
Red potion Heart Potion Give 50% of life In a shop 40 rubee
Magic potion Magic Potion  Give 50% of Magic In a shop 50 rubee
Blue potion Aqua potion Give 100%of Magic and Life In a shop 100 rubee
Monocle Monocle truth see little purpose and ruby still hang 60 seconds chrono CHEST ???
Bouclier Shield divides the damage (or physic) inflicted by 2 to 10 hit following its use A Shop 60 rubee
Bunny hood rabbit mask can jump higher for a few seconds A shop 50 Rubee
La bomb by blueamnesiac-d5i5xto Bomber can launch and detonate to inflict dégas (be careful not too close!) has limited Recource !!! A shop

10=40 rubee

20=60 rubee

30=100 rubee

La dungeon map by blueamnesiac-d5qe1m0 Map displays the map of the current scene to move and

A shop

Dungeon = SECRET !!!

80 rubee
Comet sword Comet sword hits 5 times instead of dividing power by 2 CHEST -
Sheikah shield Sheikah Shield 'divides the damage (or physic) inflicted by 2 to 50 hit following its use' LARGE CHEST -
Bombachu bombachu explodes like a normal bonbe but this one rushes straight on the floor and on the wall... Bonbachu shop

X10 =80 rubee

X15=100 rubee

X20= 120 Rubee

Heart contener Heart contener regenerate and increase your maximum life up to 150% for the whole fight (back to the normal at the end of combat) LARGE CHEST -
Mirror shield Mirror shield absorbs little and return up to 3 magic attack on its own CHEST -
Fairy visor Fairy Visor allows you to use a viewfinder to target an enemy for easier (similar to navi / Taia in OOT / MM)



50 Rubee
Rapiere rapier augmanté allows the precision of 25%


Hyrule Castle

80 Rubee
Fairy heart fairy heart restores your energy and if you die this fairy makes you relive 50% fairy fontain -

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