mouverest of Character

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Description Normal attack distance attaque Jump attaque special attack 1 special attack 2 protection Final Smash
button 3DS - A L



L and R Currently ru using the stylus R button in lower screen
'button WII U (gamepad)' - A L



L and R Gamepad R button in gamepad
link our hero all the Zelda series is back for tournaments to be tight station has its balanced shot Legendary sword Bow legendary sword grapple

bow fire

bow ice

Hylian shield Slash triforce
ZELDA Princess Zelda our pure heart will also grace the party's power wise Farore punch Fire Din Din punch Light bow anti malignant love nayru Spirit royal
the sheik masked form of zelda is also the part he uses his power Sheikah inspired shade to defend sheikah punch suriken ninja punch sheikah speak mirror sheikah barriere Shadow eyes
MIDNA zel midna twilight princess is also part of grace has its dark and psychic power twilight punch volt twilight twilight punch shadow laser twilight blade twilight shield spirit twilight
ganondorf the lord of evil and worst enemy appear to fight and test his brute force mega punch elek god sword mega elek throttling cap Ganon power
YOUNG LINK zbr the young child version link link is also with child weapon does not underestimate kokiri sword slingshot kokiri sword fields of storm pique sword deku shield god vangeor
LINK TOON toon link wind waker stars HD is back on this album with his toon completely blow ghost sword toon bow ghost sword grappe wind fields wood shield time wind
DARK LINK zbr dark link the negative version of link is also in this push you to play a trick dark master sword dark bow dark master sword stellaire shot illusory dark shield dark triforce
SKULL KID zbr skull kid a puppet dancer majora is also available with malicious blow punch sonic boom punch mask dance fire explose mask doghe final hours
ZELDA TOON toon zelda hyrule and the princess descended from an old pirate is also playable with his power in spirit form light punch light orbe soniclight light bow light spirit light barrier light spirit
Ghirahim the spirit of the sword of the shadow is also ready for the combat.gare has its theatrical trick shot etses blade dark orbe knife throwing electro balde vampirism dark barrier



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