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Work in progress

Zelda: Changed is a seiries I'm starting work on, updates will be added as more info is released.

The games don't follow link, but a seemingly normal kid named Mark. He lives in a subberb in the united states. Little does he know he is one of the mythical changed.

Zelda: Changed: Crack in reality
Developer(s) Killer games inc.
Publisher(s) Killer games inc.
Platform(s) PC
Genre(s) Action/adventure
Release Date(s)
Story mode
Age Rating(s)


A young boy names mark stands at a bus stop on day. As he gets on, nobody is there. The bus somehow ends up in the land of Hyrule, and the driver calls Mark up, but calls him Maaral. He gives him a sword and shield, then vanishes, leaveing Mark to fall to the ground.

After a bit, Mark finds the Orcana of time's little sibling, the Orcana of reality. That's when he becomes as close to his true form, dragon, as he will ever be.

The Orcana of reality can shift Mark between Hyrule and our world. It will send him to Hyrule town and the bus stop, respetively. It can also mend rifts in the fabric of reality.

He will be in his dragon form in Hyrule, and his human form in our world.

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