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Zelda and Sheik are, together again, ready to fight! They are back as a "two-in-one" characters. Zelda is a Wizard character and her main element is Light, Sheik is a Speedster character and her main element is Iron.

Special Moves

Down Special: Transform. Zelda/Sheik changes her form into the other.

Final Smash: Light Arrow. Zelda/Sheik use their OHKO move and inflict 39% of damage.

Zelda's Special Moves

Standard Special: Nayru's Love. Zelda protects herself using a blue magic shield which inflicts 14% of damage.

Side Special: Din's Fire. Zelda shots a fire orb and she can direct it. The orb inflicts damage only if it explodes but inflicts 16% of damage.

Up Special: Farore's Wind. Zelda teleports herself.

Sheik's Special Moves

Standard Special: Needle Strom. Sheik prepares from 1 to 6 needles and then shots them. Every needle inflicts 3% of damage.

Side Special: Burst Grenade. Sheik uses a unique chain which have a bomb at the top. The explosion inflicts 12% of damage.

Up Special: High Jump. Sheik jumps very high with this move.

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