The gold digger
Full Name Zelat
Current Age 36
Gender Male
Location Unknown
Current Status Alive
Class Villain
Main Weapon(s) Technology, drills, bombs
Ability/ies Demolition
Vulnerable To Water
First Appearance Robo Madness (2011)

Zelat is the side villain of Robo Madness. He is a character of the Slite race, and is boss of one of biggest mines on Mineralin, and wants to get all the gold from every mine. Scyplo faces him on Alienta planet as a boss, and appears in some other planets on quest to get all the gold.



Zelat is a power hungry fool: he doesn't care for anything else than gold and money, and loves it. Searching everytime for some, he constantly finds more and more, and also has become rich and proud of his money over the years. This can be very bad sometimes, giving him a lot of confidence, as he thinks that, with money, he can do anything. He seeks to be the most rich man in the galaxy, having innumerable wealth. As so, he forces his workers to dig all day, all night.



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