Zaxinian Sage Badge
Z Badge Common
The basic appearance of one badge.
Function Alters one's appearance and significantly impacts power output.
Activation Syncing one's mind with the badge with a sensible purpose in mind.
Users 3 known

Zaxinian Sage Badges are very rare items in the Zaxinian Lifts developed by a scientist who wishes to remain anonymous. These badges are designed to grant their wielder immense power and a transformation to go with it that's based almost entirely on their desires. Everyone who gets a badge changes its color and properties to help cover their weaknesses and aid them significantly more on the lines of battle. There are only a few badges known to have been created, though when they were given out and their whereabouts are generally unknown. These badges, despite granting obscene power, do not grant immortality at all and are simply designed to give their user more utility and to give them immense power that works in sync with their brains. If a user of a Zaxinian Sage Badge has a mind that will work in sync with it, transformations can go underway.

To achieve the power that a Zaxinian Sage Badge holds, its user needs to go through the process of Realization prior to use. They need to come up with a valid reason why they should be able to lock their mind into a new form and use it, regardless of its morals. If the badge agrees that its power should be used, it will grant massive pain to its user prior to transformation to ensure that they can hold onto that though. If they fail to keep that thought secure, the badge power will die and they will have to reset the cycle of Realization. Once it's done and through, however, the user will earn their new state and will remain in it until they're heavily weakened or their purpose is served. They will not be able to be reversed at the user's request; they have a mind of their own.

It is unknown how many of the badges are possessed by owners, nor how many there are. However, it's assumed that at least 50 were produced, and it's definitely known that Silver Zin and Reten each possess Badges.


Anyone is free to pitch a Sage form for their character, but it requires that the character has an established connection with the Zaxinian Lifts first.


" S U Z E R A I N "

Z Badge Silver
Silver's "Suzerain" form gives him instant access to his memories as an overlord and unlocks the power potential he once held a thousand years ago, restoring his imperial mindset and restructuring his powers. However, his present-day thoughts and observations merge with his older self for this transformation, giving him a full scope of the Zaxinian Lifts timeline and allowing him to see basically everything. While he retains his heroism in this form, he is a lot more focused on battling and aiming for victory than anything else; his intense focus causes him to ignore everything outside of battle and therefore makes them irrelevant to him. He is incredibly cunning and intelligent as Suzerain Silver, also being something of a wisecracker and being extremely brave. He also takes many risks in this form, nearly sacrificing his title as a Zin member several times throughout fights. Typically, Silver can only access this form via concentrating his thoughts vigorously on "Orion" and pleading to "Him" to unlock the lost part of his soul left 1000 years back in the past, which in turn changes him severely.

*All-Seeing Mind: Silver can teleport wherever he needs to in the Zaxinian Lifts without a limit, as long as he can see the location firmly in his mind and as long as he's been there before or has seen photos of it. He cannot teleport anywhere outside of the Zaxinian Lifts unless he has a permit from a deity to be able to visit places outside of Zaxinian territory. This is extremely useful in case he needs to share someone like Mallory.*Master's Pendulum: With his vastly improved pendulum, Silver can entrance others' bodily muscles into obeying his commands; he can move them up, down, and all around as he ties psychic chains around them to keep them still. The chains are one with his mind: he can manipulate how they twist and turn so he can torment, choke, and tie up his foes. With this move, he can also use his chains to swing them around like ball-and-chains.*Silencer: By throwing all of his power into a swing of his Mind Weaver weapon, Silver can take away anyone's life in an instant, including any and all deities. However, such a swing takes all of the energy away from his body, leaving him unconscious and degrading him to his origin state. He becomes vulnerable to death at this stage. This is a move best reserved for the worst of foes, and needs to be timed right for his range is short.

" C O R R U P T "

Z Badge Valerie
Valerie's "Corrupt" form strongly alters her shape of mind and sense of dress, making her look much more political and dark than in her base form. However, in spite of her looking much more professional, she is much more vain and pretty atop of being just as extra lethal. This transformation does wonders for her powers, significantly enhancing her powers and abilities so that they're much more streamlined and agile in nature. Valerie's kicks, for example, are dished out far more rapidly in this form and are very cleanly performed. Perhaps more notable than her speed is her precision; with such graceful movement, she passes extremely well as a dancer and is a threat to anyone irregardless of their speed: she can run, fly, and swim all the same with her newfound supernatural ability. In this form, Valerie retains her flirty and over-the-top nature, but appears to be much more vain and obstinate, making her very tricky to deal with and generally unpredictable as she only follows her own course of action. Valerie can only access this form if she can commit to her inner greed and admit she needs access to something important, triggering this threatening form.

*HeartGoldify: With just a touch from her hands, Valerie can turn anything into solid gold as long as she desires greed at the moment. If she keeps her hands wrapped around someone's body, she will keep going until they've fully turned into a solid gold statue. Valerie can then break apart these statues with extremely powerful karate chops to use their separate parts as weapons.*Melting Pot: Valerie is capable of lighting her hands aflame, but these fires don't traditionally burn objects. Instead, their purpose is to allow Valerie to melt and reshape metals into whatever she likes, allowing her to form basically any weapon or object she desires. With her state of mind, she often designs objects after herself or after her prized possessions, but arrows are her preferred offense against opponents.*Bankrupture: With her mind completely centralized on greed, she has a really greed-fueled mechanic just for her to make use of. With the Valerian Arrow that comes with her transformation, she can try to aim for her opponents' hearts. If she lands, she'll definitely hurt 'em pretty bad or kill 'em if her strength was good enough, but she'll simultaneously magically draw all their money to her accounts or pockets.
Z Badge Black Eyes Should the minds of Devina and Black Eyes sync well together for a common goal, they'll become a hideous eldritch abomination held within Black Eyes' suit. While using the robot's body as a base, the suit is equipped with all sorts of needles and prescription tags, and RX bottles on the god's back deliver life and ability to the slimy beast residing inside. While they highly resemble Devina, she looks like a screaming ugly alien and is entirely red and black, making her resemble a demonic spirit of sorts. Surrounding Liquid Devina is a sea of liquids that constantly drip from the robot suit, with several slimy appendages poking up from the lake of poisonous fluids to aid this Devina in combat. In this state, Black Eyes' emotions are completely drained into Devina's mind, giving her a far more abrasive personality, but the hundreds of medications rushing into her body constantly force her to writhe and scream in pain as she walks and moves. She is not capable of speaking to others well in this form, but is super powerful.

*Enslavement: With her various appendages, Liquid Devina can pull opponents down into her toxic pool of energy and trap them entirely within the slimy tentacles. Upon release, they will have become one of her kind, looking just as eldritch and ungodlike as Devina is. Devina can then force them to attack any opponents she cannot reach; as she is slow, she may need to do quite a bit of enslaving.*Overdose Wash: Liquid Devina spreads around her seas of thick "bad water", hitting foes with both poisonous gunk and varying pills that leak and drip from Devina's body. If any of these pills are accidentally ingested, they will almost always have negative impacts on their opponent and potentially sicken them right in the middle of a fight. The splashes can reach far distances.*Horrifying Nightmare: Liquid Devina unleashes all of the hatred from her mind as well as Black Eyes', squeezing her opponent incredibly tightly with the appendages and sucking them into her body whilst filling their mind with horrifying hallucinations. When they die, however, they spend all eternity with the fright. Once this move is done, Devina and Black Eyes calm enough to separate. The power of this move depends on how much hatred is stored.

" L U C I F I E D "

Z Badge Zonas
If Zonas succumbs to his inner demons or has sinned unbelievably hard, he will break out of his fragile human shell as a remorseless, feral demon. In his Lucified state, he gains excessive muscle, elongated nails, and several sharp thorns all over his now-rugged skin. All his cleanliness and hundreds of fears leave his body as his inner demons control his inner form like a puppet, making him into a relentless monster. In this state, Zonas is much more active physically and is animal-like - losing all his human morals in the process. The demon often stalks his prey over tens of miles at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour and slaughters them on sight, scavenging their remains and making full use of the animal matter he has to work with. He is almost impossible to calm or befriend in this state, relentlessly attacking even his loved ones on sight as he has no memory of his actual life in this form. By absorbing the energy from his Freezer weapon prior to transformation, Zonas can concentrate his power in cryogenics and use them against his enemies. Typically, Lucified Zonas freezes up his enemy with his powers, then shatters them after he makes them all blocky. After Lucified Zonas tires out or gets knocked out, he returns to his half-demon state in an unconscious state.

*Scavenger: Lucified Zonas slits his prey down the back, tears out their heart gruesomely, then sits down to aggressively dismantle their body with his sharp claws and wild instincts. He makes use of every part of the body and can form enormous weapons out of the many bones he collects. He's an incredible cleaner in this form as well, licking off the dirtiness of guts and blood to make him look like he's a cut above the rest.*Cryo Shred: Lucified Zonas curls up into a ball and spins viciously before dashing about athletically. His thorns make this move deadly, as he spins around fast enough for them to easily slice up fragile objects. It is so good that he can even cut through human bone... making this an effective slaughtering attack for disposing of multiple enemies at once. He can roll around for about eight miles maximum.*Frezado: Lucified Zonas' strongest attack isn't as strong as other sage form finales, but he has the advantage of keeping his demonic form intact after a Frezado and attacking over and over again viciously with the same move. Zonas spins around, generating a cyclone of frosty wind that he sends around. Its movement is unpredictable, and they can go around for one to three miles before dissipating. Devastating in icy environments, for they can pick up hail. Direct contact with a Frezado prompts immediate freezing.

" B U T T E R F L Y "

Z Badge Pierce
Butterfly Pierce is a "perfected" variation of Pierce Hazel, and is the result of him feeling completely in control of his personalities and behaviors. Once he achieves this perfection and wishes to bring purification onto others, he enters a cocoon to become a glorious being. He takes an hour to reach his imago state, becoming a perfectly feminine human-butterfly hybrid displaying myriads of colors and patterns in his enormous wings. While he has to be fully naked to enter the pupa state, he will be wrapped in beautiful silk-like clothing upon his emergence from the cocoon. In this state, Pierce possesses several magical halves of masks that display various specific personalities, and upon wearing a combination of two, he gains different powers and abilities. By wearing the Red Mask half, his face will glow a pale crimson color as he spreads firecrackers around himself, and by donning the Blue Mask half, he can create waterspouts from the ground to trip others. In this form, Pierce is silent, yet curious and experimental in nature, but can be deadly to mess with due to him spreading sleeping spores from his hair when feeling attacked and his exclusive ability to release hormone-empowering spores to provoke attraction in him - stopping onslaughts of attacks. Butterfly Pierce is shy and attempts to hide away, but if an attempt to take advantage of him is made in this state, Pierce will launch the incredibly deadly Soul Kiss on a foe, which sacrifices his health and leaves him unconscious afterwards.


  • Spore Power: Butterfly Pierce drips spores from his body, which have a variety of different effects. Some cause others around him to be more sleepy, some make others horny or at least feel strong attraction, and some are laced with poison that can cause paralysis or eat at the individual's health until death. These spores are generated almost immediately after his body is shaken.
  • Personality Clash: Butterfly Pierce can equip varying halves of different masks to enter different personalities and power sources. The masks come in various colors and allow him to make the best of two worlds - largely depending on the ones that he is wearing at the moment. By wearing the Yellow and Orange masks together, he can abuse lightning strike attacks and earthshaking powers, respectively.
  • Soul Kiss: Despite its light, fluffy and cute nature from an outsider's viewpoint, the victim faces intense pain as their soul is sucked right out of them with Pierce's lips, leaving them to be a limp body forever. Butterfly Pierce then goes unconscious as the soul he stole gets sucked into his body, which requires him to take time to "digest" the soul he just stole away. It is a one hit knockout, but can be interrupted. If interrupted, however, Pierce retains his form.

"G I G A T E N"

Z Badge Reten
Reten's Badge is anomalous in nature, as there is only one version of it across the multiverse with it having no keterwave signatures and all attempted duplications ending in disaster. That's not all, whenever a Reten uses the badge, all Reten's are effected by it and become Gigaten (Note: This only seems to apply to ones who go by Reten and/or are orange, with Untens, Mynises and other assorted Prodigies being bypassed). There are several battles that have been won by a Reten powering up due to dimensional coincidence. As Gigaten his personality doesn't change much, simply becoming more volatile and usually focusing on a single target, dispatching with anyone who stands between them along the way. Due to this Reten usually only pulls out the badge when facing a single powerful opponent.


  • Tradin Places: Gigaten opens a portal to another dimension and pulls out an identical Gigaten. This Gigaten can pull out their own Gigatens resulting in a small army running around if left unchecked. All Gigatens besides the one native to the timeline are removed upon reverting back to Reten.
  • Turbo Killer: Gigaten can throw portals to random dimensions which have a tendency to wrap around the limbs of targets and close on them, dismembering them and leaving their arms or legs or heads in other worlds. Should you go dimension hunting and find a single limb with no sign of battle it was probably Gigaten.
  • As Daylight Dies: Gigaten's eyes are filled with a black energy, which then drips down to his hands and is fired as antimatter energy, piercing enemies through the torso and dissolving their insides. Gigaten uses this as a last resort as it will fry the badge out and instantly revert him back to Reten.


  • The concept of the Zaxinian Sage Badges were inspired by the "Ancient Sages" concept from the AoWiki, which Athena Hawkins herself had created.
    • They are also partially inspired by the Hyper Mode concept.
  • While a character possessing a Zaxinian Sage Badge can theoretically possess a Hyper Mode, they cannot access it when their badge power is active. Likewise, if they are in Hyper Mode, they cannot access the power of their badge and be badly electrocuted if they try.
    • However, characters immune to immensely powerful electricity in Hyper Mode can use their Zaxinian Sage Badge, but they become INCREDIBLY messed up and deformed, but powerful nonetheless.