Zaxinian Sage Badge
New Sage Badge
The basic appearance of one badge.
Function Alters one's appearance and significantly impacts power output.
Activation Syncing one's mind with the badge with a sensible purpose in mind.
Users 3 known

Zaxinian Sage Badges are very rare items in the Zaxinian Lifts developed by a scientist who wishes to remain anonymous. These badges are designed to grant their wielder immense power and a transformation to go with it that's based almost entirely on their desires. Everyone who gets a badge changes its color and properties to help cover their weaknesses and aid them significantly more on the lines of battle. There are only a few badges known to have been created, though when they were given out and their whereabouts are generally unknown. These badges, despite granting obscene power, do not grant immortality at all and are simply designed to give their user more utility and to give them immense power that works in sync with their brains. If a user of a Zaxinian Sage Badge has a mind that will work in sync with it, transformations can go underway.

To achieve the power that a Zaxinian Sage Badge holds, its user needs to go through the process of Realization prior to use. They need to come up with a valid reason why they should be able to lock their mind into a new form and use it, regardless of its morals. If the badge agrees that its power should be used, it will grant massive pain to its user prior to transformation to ensure that they can hold onto that though. If they fail to keep that thought secure, the badge power will die and they will have to reset the cycle of Realization. Once it's done and through, however, the user will earn their new state and will remain in it until they're heavily weakened or their purpose is served. They will not be able to be reversed at the user's request; they have a mind of their own.

It is unknown how many of the badges are possessed by owners, nor how many there are. However, it's assumed that at least 50 were produced, and it's definitely known that Silver Zin and Reten each possess Badges.


Anyone is free to pitch a Sage form for their character, but it requires that the character has an established connection with the Zaxinian Lifts first.


" S U Z E R A I N "

Z Badge Silver
Silver's "Suzerain" form gives him instant access to his memories as an overlord and unlocks the power potential he once held a thousand years ago, restoring his imperial mindset and restructuring his powers. However, his present-day thoughts and observations merge with his older self for this transformation, giving him a full scope of the Zaxinian Lifts timeline and allowing him to see basically everything. While he retains his heroism in this form, he is a lot more focused on battling and aiming for victory than anything else; his intense focus causes him to ignore everything outside of battle and therefore makes them irrelevant to him. He is incredibly cunning and intelligent as Suzerain Silver, also being something of a wisecracker and being extremely brave. He also takes many risks in this form, nearly sacrificing his title as a Zin member several times throughout fights. Typically, Silver can only access this form via concentrating his thoughts vigorously on "Orion" and pleading to "Him" to unlock the lost part of his soul left 1000 years back in the past, which in turn changes him severely.

  • All-Seeing Mind: Silver can teleport wherever he needs to in the Zaxinian Lifts without a limit, as long as he can see the location firmly in his mind and as long as he's been there before or has seen photos of it. He cannot teleport anywhere outside of the Zaxinian Lifts unless he has a permit from a deity to be able to visit places outside of Zaxinian territory. This is extremely useful in case he needs to share someone like Mallory.
  • Master's Pendulum: With his vastly improved pendulum, Silver can entrance others' bodily muscles into obeying his commands; he can move them up, down, and all around as he ties psychic chains around them to keep them still. The chains are one with his mind: he can manipulate how they twist and turn so he can torment, choke, and tie up his foes. With this move, he can also use his chains to swing them around like ball-and-chains.
  • Silencer: By throwing all of his power into a swing of his Mind Weaver weapon, Silver can take away anyone's life in an instant, including any and all deities. However, such a swing takes all of the energy away from his body, leaving him unconscious and degrading him to his origin state. He becomes vulnerable to death at this stage. This is a move best reserved for the worst of foes, and needs to be timed right for his range is short.

" C O R R U P T "

Z Badge Valerie
Valerie's "Corrupt" form strongly alters her shape of mind and sense of dress, making her look much more political and dark than in her base form. However, in spite of her looking much more professional, she is much more vain and pretty atop of being just as extra lethal. This transformation does wonders for her powers, significantly enhancing her powers and abilities so that they're much more streamlined and agile in nature. Valerie's kicks, for example, are dished out far more rapidly in this form and are very cleanly performed. Perhaps more notable than her speed is her precision; with such graceful movement, she passes extremely well as a dancer and is a threat to anyone irregardless of their speed: she can run, fly, and swim all the same with her newfound supernatural ability. In this form, Valerie retains her flirty and over-the-top nature, but appears to be much more vain and obstinate, making her very tricky to deal with and generally unpredictable as she only follows her own course of action. Valerie can only access this form if she can commit to her inner greed and admit she needs access to something important, triggering this threatening form.

  • HeartGoldify: With just a touch from her hands, Valerie can turn anything into solid gold as long as she desires greed at the moment. If she keeps her hands wrapped around someone's body, she will keep going until they've fully turned into a solid gold statue. Valerie can then break apart these statues with extremely powerful karate chops to use their separate parts as weapons.
  • Melting Pot: Valerie is capable of lighting her hands aflame, but these fires don't traditionally burn objects. Instead, their purpose is to allow Valerie to melt and reshape metals into whatever she likes, allowing her to form basically any weapon or object she desires. With her state of mind, she often designs objects after herself or after her prized possessions, but arrows are her preferred offense against opponents.
  • Bankrupture: With her mind completely centralized on greed, she has a really greed-fueled mechanic just for her to make use of. With the Valerian Arrow that comes with her transformation, she can try to aim for her opponents' hearts. If she lands, she'll definitely hurt 'em pretty bad or kill 'em if her strength was good enough, but she'll simultaneously magically draw all their money to her accounts or pockets.
Z Badge Black Eyes Should the minds of Devina and Black Eyes sync well together for a common goal, they'll become a hideous eldritch abomination held within Black Eyes' suit. While using the robot's body as a base, the suit is equipped with all sorts of needles and prescription tags, and RX bottles on the god's back deliver life and ability to the slimy beast residing inside. While they highly resemble Devina, she looks like a screaming ugly alien and is entirely red and black, making her resemble a demonic spirit of sorts. Surrounding Liquid Devina is a sea of liquids that constantly drip from the robot suit, with several slimy appendages poking up from the lake of poisonous fluids to aid this Devina in combat. In this state, Black Eyes' emotions are completely drained into Devina's mind, giving her a far more abrasive personality, but the hundreds of medications rushing into her body constantly force her to writhe and scream in pain as she walks and moves. She is not capable of speaking to others well in this form, but is super powerful.

  • Enslavement: With her various appendages, Liquid Devina can pull opponents down into her toxic pool of energy and trap them entirely within the slimy tentacles. Upon release, they will have become one of her kind, looking just as eldritch and ungodlike as Devina is. Devina can then force them to attack any opponents she cannot reach; as she is slow, she may need to do quite a bit of enslaving.
  • Overdose Wash: Liquid Devina spreads around her seas of thick "bad water", hitting foes with both poisonous gunk and varying pills that leak and drip from Devina's body. If any of these pills are accidentally ingested, they will almost always have negative impacts on their opponent and potentially sicken them right in the middle of a fight. The splashes can reach far distances.
  • Horrifying Nightmare: Liquid Devina unleashes all of the hatred from her mind as well as Black Eyes', squeezing her opponent incredibly tightly with the appendages and sucking them into her body whilst filling their mind with horrifying hallucinations. When they die, however, they spend all eternity with the fright. Once this move is done, Devina and Black Eyes calm enough to separate. The power of this move depends on how much hatred is stored.

" L U C I F I E D "

Z Badge Zonas
If Zonas succumbs to his inner demons or has sinned unbelievably hard, he will break out of his fragile human shell as a remorseless, feral demon. In his Lucified state, he gains excessive muscle, elongated nails, and several sharp thorns all over his now-rugged skin. All his cleanliness and hundreds of fears leave his body as his inner demons control his inner form like a puppet, making him into a relentless monster. In this state, Zonas is much more active physically and is animal-like - losing all his human morals in the process. The demon often stalks his prey over tens of miles at speeds of up to 60 miles an hour and slaughters them on sight, scavenging their remains and making full use of the animal matter he has to work with. He is almost impossible to calm or befriend in this state, relentlessly attacking even his loved ones on sight as he has no memory of his actual life in this form. By absorbing the energy from his Freezer weapon prior to transformation, Zonas can concentrate his power in cryogenics and use them against his enemies. Typically, Lucified Zonas freezes up his enemy with his powers, then shatters them after he makes them all blocky. After Lucified Zonas tires out or gets knocked out, he returns to his half-demon state in an unconscious state.

  • Scavenger: Lucified Zonas slits his prey down the back, tears out their heart gruesomely, then sits down to aggressively dismantle their body with his sharp claws and wild instincts. He makes use of every part of the body and can form enormous weapons out of the many bones he collects. He's an incredible cleaner in this form as well, licking off the dirtiness of guts and blood to make him look like he's a cut above the rest.
  • Cryo Shred: Lucified Zonas curls up into a ball and spins viciously before dashing about athletically. His thorns make this move deadly, as he spins around fast enough for them to easily slice up fragile objects. It is so good that he can even cut through human bone... making this an effective slaughtering attack for disposing of multiple enemies at once. He can roll around for about eight miles maximum.
  • Frezado: Lucified Zonas' strongest attack isn't as strong as other sage form finales, but he has the advantage of keeping his demonic form intact after a Frezado and attacking over and over again viciously with the same move. Zonas spins around, generating a cyclone of frosty wind that he sends around. Its movement is unpredictable, and they can go around for one to three miles before dissipating. Devastating in icy environments, for they can pick up hail. Direct contact with a Frezado prompts immediate freezing.

" B U T T E R F L Y "

Z Badge Pierce
Butterfly Pierce is a "perfected" variation of Pierce Hazel, and is the result of him feeling completely in control of his personalities and behaviors. Once he achieves this perfection and wishes to bring purification onto others, he enters a cocoon to become a glorious being. He takes an hour to reach his imago state, becoming a perfectly feminine human-butterfly hybrid displaying myriads of colors and patterns in his enormous wings. While he has to be fully naked to enter the pupa state, he will be wrapped in beautiful silk-like clothing upon his emergence from the cocoon. In this state, Pierce possesses several magical halves of masks that display various specific personalities, and upon wearing a combination of two, he gains different powers and abilities. By wearing the Red Mask half, his face will glow a pale crimson color as he spreads firecrackers around himself, and by donning the Blue Mask half, he can create waterspouts from the ground to trip others. In this form, Pierce is silent, yet curious and experimental in nature, but can be deadly to mess with due to him spreading sleeping spores from his hair when feeling attacked and his exclusive ability to release hormone-empowering spores to provoke attraction in him - stopping onslaughts of attacks. Butterfly Pierce is shy and attempts to hide away, but if an attempt to take advantage of him is made in this state, Pierce will launch the incredibly deadly Soul Kiss on a foe, which sacrifices his health and leaves him unconscious afterwards.

  • Spore Power: Butterfly Pierce drips spores from his body, which have a variety of different effects. Some cause others around him to be more sleepy, some make others horny or at least feel strong attraction, and some are laced with poison that can cause paralysis or eat at the individual's health until death. These spores are generated almost immediately after his body is shaken.
  • Personality Clash: Butterfly Pierce can equip varying halves of different masks to enter different personalities and power sources. The masks come in various colors and allow him to make the best of two worlds - largely depending on the ones that he is wearing at the moment. By wearing the Yellow and Orange masks together, he can abuse lightning strike attacks and earthshaking powers, respectively.
  • Soul Kiss: Despite its light, fluffy and cute nature from an outsider's viewpoint, the victim faces intense pain as their soul is sucked right out of them with Pierce's lips, leaving them to be a limp body forever. Butterfly Pierce then goes unconscious as the soul he stole gets sucked into his body, which requires him to take time to "digest" the soul he just stole away. It is a one hit knockout, but can be interrupted. If interrupted, however, Pierce retains his form.

" I V Y _ Q U E E N "

Z Badge Crymsia
Ivy Queen Crymsia is a notorious sage evolution, being a highly defensive transformation that has very unique vine properties unseen on any other creature. Her entire body resists both fire and physical offense, simply shrugging off the element of fire and regrowing two new limbs with everyone that is cut off. Crymsia's whole body is completely naked, but covered in multiple leaves to protect her vulnerability, and her whole body rests in a nature-made coffin that connects her body to that of the entire beast she controls. This ivy coffin serves as the heart for the huge, masculine undergrowth beast that is formed entirely from the power of not just the Sage Badge, but also of Crimson the Roserade, who has his insanity and spirit transfer into that of the beast's body. Ivy Queen Crymsia, with even as much of a small twinkle of her fingers or legs, can command the beast on where to go and have it fight for her exclusively, with the beast able to send out the resistant, glowing vines to strangle its foes and choke them to death as well as slam them right through buildings and objects alike. The huge beast is rooted into the ground, granting Crymsia immense health inside of its chest, and regenerates itself via absorbing and eating all crops and vegetables it sees. This beast can actively puke out massive amounts of aloe vera, which (contrary to belief) is healthy to step in and heals anyone that steps into it or otherwise has it absorb into their skin. However, it will often use it as a means of offense, able to spit out so much of it that its enemies drown in it. Depending on the season, the beast may have different powers: in Spring, its vines can spread out long distances and ensnare cities, while in Autumn its vines aren't as long but can absorb all the fallen leaves to heal itself and Crymsia. The beast has no issue with walking; it can unroot itself from the ground and walk on two ivy limbs, at the sacrifice of having its health deteriorate with each step until it roots back.

  • Aloe Sauna: The beast that holds Crymsia captive can spit out a huge pool of aloe vera, which contains very impressive healing properties that can heal wounds fast. Though this may be beneficial to its opponents, it often spews out so much of it that it can become toxic if too much of it comes upon the skin, and drowning within it is always a major hazard. If little bits are spewed, its allies can benefit.
  • Urban Jungle Growth: Crymsia's nature beast can drill its vines through the ground, straight through buildings, and uplift cars and roads. With this sort of control, the beast can pretty much assume full control of cities, which gives Crymsia a huge advantage as it can easily dominate battlegrounds and swipe enemies right out of the air with the many ivy tentacles that wiggle out through destroyed towns.
  • Self-Destruct: The beast may actually aim to make itself too massive to support itself fully; when its body starts wobbling, it is teetering close to the state of falling apart. The vines are filled to the brim with tons of thorns and sludge bombs as well. Once the beast tries to exceed its size further, it will suddenly pop, with tons of slime spewing everywhere as thorns and poison rain through the immediate area. Though it is not the most lethal attack, it is VERY difficult to avoid getting hit by it nonetheless.

" A M A L G A M A T E "

Z Badge Werine
Noise Lindemulder, Yama Velvetrot, and Ms. Replicate fused together to create this incredibly monstrous transformation. Noise's body becomes hunchbacked as her height increases to that of 16 feet, with extra flesh hanging loosely from her skin as it becomes ghostly pale and glowy, further grossed by her hands becoming disturbing malformed puppets with their own sentience and personalities. The flesh occasionally forms heads on the body that form with every new thought Noise gets, with her puppets gaining new puppets through the sockets and mouths with every sentence they make. These puppets can stretch across long distances with their infinite duplicate growth and stretch out wide enough to absorb mass into Noise's body, further extending the amount of flesh she has. Her eyes completely hollow out and bleed out from the empty sockets as her hair rolls upwards and splits into many tentacle-like strands. Her hair tentacles hold all sorts of rusty, exaggerated nurse tools that bleed and rust over time, becoming more and more toxic to the touch with each kill. It is worth noting that in this form, Noise's defenses are much more increased, as the collected bones from the three major C.O.T.S. members make this form hyper defensive and hard to shatter by normal means, and the extra skin helps shield off elemental attacks. Noise has half control over this body, grinning her extremely sharpened red and gold teeth often and trying to seduce every living being into their untimely death, while Yama's personality corrupts and makes the entire body aggressive and move fast, with Ms. Replicate's contributions turning the being to a pure evil personality. However, it is unstable, and every little squabble the three different people make causes different heads to form in the flesh hanging loosely from Amalgamate Noise's body.

  • Prolonged Operation: Amalgamate Noise moves to operate on somebody, using the infinitely spawning puppets on her arms to hold "patients" in place from all angles, operating unnecessarily on their sensitive bits before unexpectedly destroying them. However, she likes to hold out on destroying the area, causing great suspense and fear to develop in the "patient". It is very possible for them to die of a heart attack.
  • Puppet Trap: Amalgamate Noise forms a wall of flesh around somebody, trapping them in a box-like shape. Puppets may unexpectedly barge out from the walls to secure the individual, giving them false security and telling them to stay down and feel love. Soon after this, the puppet will use its teeth to tear off the victim's face, with subsequent puppets rushing in to maul the whole body and rip it to shreds.
  • Parasite: This stops Amalgamate Noise from existing as one entity for much longer, but she forms a small bug that can latch onto anyone. It has the same properties as Amalgamate Noise does, and to even greater extends as it will lay birth every three days to spawn more children, which also feel off of it. The bugs can merge together and become a separate Amalgamate Noise, not controlled by the Sage Badge. The reason why it drains the power of Amalgamate Noise so much is that all of its power has to be concentrated on it, breaking Noise's focus.

" D A R T S H A R K "

Z Badge Zodiez
Dartshark Vizole is a highly ferocious, dangerous incarnation of Vizole that crosses his siren abilities with that of a poison dart frog's as well as that of a bull shark's. His eyes completely become covered in his protective membrane as his skin becomes slick and as his feet become more webbed, sticky, and frog-like in structure. He gains deep gills and a sharp dorsal fin to help further supplement his incredibly developed swimming skills, and gains two extra rows of teeth that reach backwards in his mouth, all teeth protruding towards the innards of his mouth to keep food secure. His skin colors constantly fluctuate between gold, indigo and violet, with a mere touch of his slimy exterior injecting poison into those unfortunate enough to tap him through the tiny spines on his skin. His bones soften out and become very flexible, allowing him to move with dexterity that is barely rivaled by anyone else in the Lifts, and his jaws open so wide that he can easily consume large amounts of fish in a shark-like manner. His teeth are up to six inches long, able to puncture deep holes into human flesh and bleed them out in unison with the poison infesting their veins. Vizole no longer has to rely on his siren abilities, as he'll simply chase prey on sight by butterfly-stroking in the water and attaching onto them with his teeth to drag them down, though it is entirely possible for him to make his skin look even more appealing and maddeningly beautiful than usual to drag unsuspecting victims towards him. In this state, Vizole has rather lost his mind and cannot be controlled by any means, and his incredibly frightening athletic ability on both land and sea has made him into a formidable opponent for all.

  • Webbing Darts: Dartshark Vizole fires forth an array of poisonous tacks from his webbed hands, showering them onto opponents or prey to poison them. As the darts pierce through their skin and bring immense pain, it is very difficult to remove them, if not impossible as Vizole will strike with a series of vicious biting attacks moments later. Great athleticness lets him fire darts from any angle.
  • Impossible Agility: Dartshark Vizole moves at very high speeds when it comes to both land and sea, able to rush through water streams at 70 miles an hour and speed on land at an impressive 80 miles an hour. If hopping between trees and walls with his frog feet-supported wall jumping, he can go up to 125 miles an hour. He can dive at prey very fast and bring them down in a near instant without remorse.
  • Mega Injection: Should he manage to successfully leap onto his prey and stick his full body around them, all of his poisonous mini-spikes will puncture their body, including his standard Webbing Darts as he forces his foe to die within minutes due to massive exposure to his poisons. This drains Vizole considerably, as the poison is part of his own bloodstream, but it gets the job done and causes near-instant death. However, his assault can be halted with a well-timed movement, causing him to crash head-first.

" N U C L E A R "

Z Badge Scotch
Nuclear Scotch is a highly destructive, annihilation-bent monster with sheer bulk that can hardly be scratched whatsoever. With highly-developed muscle and steel-crushing fingers, he's definitely a force to be reckoned with. Even more of a tank than Whiskey Lager, Scotch's body becomes 100% bulletproof and laughs off any elemental attack, with the added fat generally repelling fire and ice entirely. His bones also become notably strong, fortified to a degree where only a fully-powered Pierce Hazel can actually bust said skeleton, and his muscles get all nice and dense. As a result of all these changes, Scotch is much heavier and is difficult to push around physically, and many moves don't even faze him that much. Even then, he's actually faster than he was before, able to dash around and pull some very fast, near unavoidable punches. Notable is that this transformation grants Scotch new limegreen-grey cybernetic armor around his body and grants him the ability to burst around the skies through his equipped jet pack. This armor also lets Nuclear Scotch generate his own bombs through his sheer anger. However, he is considered extremely unstable in this form, as the only thing that keeps it going is his unmatched hatred for Mallory Zin - as such, he is very simple-minded in this form and works alone, attacking any teammates regardless of who they are if they get in the path of his high-range attacks. Nuclear Scotch also leaves Scotch in a very depressed, weak state following his transformation, causing him to be a bit masochistic out of his guilt for his outrage.

  • HyperPunch Deluxe: Nuclear Scotch can zip to any enemy in a mere few seconds and bring about them a series of hyper-fast punches that bruise and beat them severely. The streak of horrifying punches ends with an uppercut that has him jump up and body slam his foe into the ground for lethal damage. He can also fire missiles from his fingers to target enemies rapidly if they're too far off to be hit normally.
  • Turbo Aerials: Nuclear Scotch can utilize his jetpack to soar into the air and dash towards an enemy to lift them high up into the air. Once in his impossibly tight grasp, the opponent is completely incapable of any form of escape. When Nuclear Scotch heads high enough, he will make an extremely sudden descend and slam the foe's head right into the floor. You can guess how cruel this is, but it's easy to telegraph.
  • Self-Destruction: If he feels his work is done, Nuclear Scotch will fall down to the ground and kneel. He will explode within seconds, wiping out all enemies and allies around as his power expands out to cover an entire 27-mile radius. Scotch does not actually die from the explosion; he instead de-transforms and is completely useless after this move is performed. The air from this move is EXTREMELY hot.

" L O R D "

Z Badge Crimson
Crimson upgrades from a Knight into a Lord from the power of his Zaxinian Sage Badge! The transformation grants Lord Crimson very fashionable additional armor and a cape that make him more strikingly similar to his earliest inspiration (Lucina), only in fashionable sanguine colors. In addition, he also obtains a wilder, bigger head rose as well as a much larger physique with stretched arms and legs that make him able to stand as tall as humans like Amy Jackson and Rachel Harel. Another notable difference is the sheer size of his hand swords, which are almost twice as long and are more curved, with their outer curves being extremely sharp and able to make scratches on steel. His mask, though remaining much the same, is a fair bit bigger and elongated at the sides, making it look sharper and far more intimidating. Outside of design, Lord Crimson's powers don't change very much, but he is actually much calmer and more stable in this form, able to communicate effectively in any language he desires rather than just Spanish. Lord Crimson also fights more efficiently, never going in a rage and using much more standard sword slashes instead of wildly bashing at his enemies with a reckless attitude. He is also somewhat similar to Ike in ways, able to utilize slightly weaker versions of his Aether and Quick Draw techniques. His agility is something else, though - if Crimson wasn't already fast enough, he's about twice as fast in this form, able to race all over the battlefield and play safely and defensively. After Lord Crimson's work is done, he will de-transform and be much more relaxed and coherent for three hours before his malevolence begins to settle back in.

  • Inescapable Approach: Lord Crimson will hold out his swords in front of his face before dashing forwards, uncrossing them to deal a powerful dual strike before following up with twelve speedy horizontal cuts. He will then hop into the air and slash with his swords to knock the opponent away, finishing up by charging right by (or through) them with a powerful vertical slash that strikes very powerfully.
  • Solfire Storm: After shaking and charging in place, Lord Crimson will hop right up and crash both of his swords into the enemy to heal half the damage he inflicted, following up by crossing his swords to turn them aflame. After setting his swords aflame, he will send off a small series of fiery tornadoes to damage the foe anyone else that gets caught in their path prior to them disappearing.
  • Critical Hit: The single most powerful attack in his arsenal, Lord Crimson will do an extremely fast charge towards an enemy with both his swords being slashed into the enemy simultaneously. Critical Hit can easily miss if he isn't careful, but he can perform it again if he misses, as this move does not tucker him out. This move is absolutely fantastic for finishing off a very well beaten foe.

" A W A K E N E D "

Beware of Awakened Agantuk, one of the strongest sage transformations of them all! When Agantuk utilizes his own special Z Badge, he becomes a monstrous demon king that's mastered all of his deadly Dearthbringer powers - with a wicked, wild crown with all the Zodiac gemstones embedded into it to display his massive strength, overly long unbreakable horns and a planet-thwacking tail, extremely strong PSI powers, and impossible 18-pack muscles, Awakened Agantuk is absolutely terrifying to be face-to-face with. Extremely well-defined muscles on the arms and legs, razor-sharp nails, and diamond-hard torso and hips also make him a very beefy, defensive tank monster. His powers are outright incomprehensible yet deal extremely high damage, shattering just about any enemy or object into little cubes and turning planets to rubble with little trouble at all. His most powerful attack, PSI Dearth Omega, can obliterate beloved planet Earth without much difficulty and even make huge-sized dents on super-large planets the size of Zonar, which can be enough to put them out of their standard orbit cycle. Though his sage badge transformation does not quite put him at full power, this is as far as he can go while still having a rational mind, and he does not typically abuse his powers like this. After the events of Morning Sun, Agantuk has lost all of his PSI powers, so his sage transformation is the only thing that can actually bring them back to him. His PSI loss to do with the destruction of all Dearthbringer figures post-game and the fact that he lost those powers. If not in this form, Agantuk fights mostly physically with his Diamond Talons.

  • PSI Dearth Omega: An extremely powerful attack that can wipe most planets out of orbit if not destroy them: PSI Dearth obliterates all life around himself and can drastically affect even DNA and little bitty things such as bacteria. All enemies wiped out by a blast of PSI Dearth become shadows at most, which will stand where he killed them so brutally for all eternity. #leavealike
  • PSI Edge Omega: Agantuk creates an enormous blade made from energy from midair, slicing it brutally at an opponent and copying it multiple times to attack a whole army of them. Each constant use of PSI Edge Omega becomes increasingly powerful, but this can drain at the energy required for him to keep his transformation going strong. He uses this attack more than Dearth due to it being safer.
  • PSI Breakdown: This is the most powerful attack Agantuk can use overall, and is unique to his Awakened transformation. PSI Breakdown has him charge up an incredibly giant array of energy-made stars in the air, and then has him fling them all down. As they rain harshly down onto the battlefield, Agantuk uncharacteristically guffaws as his power begins to shrink and shrink.

" H I T "

Platinum Sin can unlock her true potential as "Platinum Hit", the most powerful form of her available. With this form, Platinum well exceeds any god or mortal before her and becomes even more powerful than she ever has before. Ironically enough, this taps into her fears and regrets she has repressed as opposed to Silver's imperialistic personality. She becomes incredibly depressed and forms a giant white tree with a giant record label over herself as she falls into a deep sleep, her dreams becoming reality on the field through light projection. These tendrils and holograms seek light, eventually absorbing everything around it. Platinum Sin can only access this form when in a depressed state, and if truly emotionally wrecked, she could destroy a planet with this form in a matter of hours.

  • Number One Single: From this giant tree of light, several roots take control of the ground, having the potential to take over the entire planet if she desires. Her mind can astral project to anywhere with roots underneath it, as well as being capable of stopping any ground-based attacks before they can even happen. She can tear up a stadium in a manner of minutes.
  • Catchy Tune: Using this parasitic light energy, Platinum can infect those who can hear this rhythm and have her fall under her commands. She manipulate them in anyway she dreams of, either going to comfort her or being snapped in half like a twig merely for her own enjoyment. This parasitic attack attacks the brain and makes everyone under her command.
  • Alarm Radio: Platinum Sin awakes from her depressed slumber, unleashing a devasting attack through all the roots in the ground that have taken shape in her sleep. All power is channeled through her precious Star Chaser weapon and she obliterates anyone standing under the ground underneath her, as well as all light projections going off in light-based explosions. This will end her sage transformation in an instant.

"G I G A T E N"

Z Badge Reten
Reten's Badge is anomalous in nature, as there is only one version of it across the multiverse with it having no keterwave signatures and all attempted duplications ending in disaster. That's not all, whenever a Reten uses the badge, all Reten's are effected by it and become Gigaten (Note: This only seems to apply to ones who go by Reten and/or are orange, with Untens, Mynises and other assorted Prodigies being bypassed). There are several battles that have been won by a Reten powering up due to dimensional coincidence. As Gigaten his personality doesn't change much, simply becoming more volatile and usually focusing on a single target, dispatching with anyone who stands between them along the way. Due to this Reten usually only pulls out the badge when facing a single powerful opponent.

  • Tradin Places: Gigaten opens a portal to another dimension and pulls out an identical Gigaten. This Gigaten can pull out their own Gigatens resulting in a small army running around if left unchecked. All Gigatens besides the one wielding the badge are returned to their base universe and timeline upon reverting back to Reten.
  • Turbo Killer: Gigaten can throw portals to random dimensions which have a tendency to wrap around the limbs of targets and close on them, dismembering them and leaving their arms or legs or heads in other worlds. Should you go dimension hunting and find a single limb with no sign of battle it was probably a Gigaten.
  • As Daylight Dies: Gigaten's eyes are filled with a black energy, which then drips down to his hands and is fired as antimatter energy, piercing enemies through the torso and dissolving their insides. Gigaten uses this as a last resort as it will fry the badge out and instantly revert him back to Reten. This ability seems to be only available to the Gigaten wielding the badge.


  • The concept of the Zaxinian Sage Badges were inspired by the "Ancient Sages" concept from the AoWiki, which Athena Hawkins herself had created.
    • They are also partially inspired by the Hyper Mode concept.
  • While a character possessing a Zaxinian Sage Badge can theoretically possess a Hyper Mode, they cannot access it when their badge power is active. Likewise, if they are in Hyper Mode, they cannot access the power of their badge and be badly electrocuted if they try.
    • However, characters immune to immensely powerful electricity in Hyper Mode can use their Zaxinian Sage Badge, but they become INCREDIBLY messed up and deformed, but powerful nonetheless.