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Zaxinian Lifts is a reboot of the Zaxina universe, and is where all of snicks' franchises, be it Fantendo, Lapis, AoWiki, anything - take place. It is the House of God (Fandraxono) and is the connecting point for all universes of snicks'. It is hoisted high in the sky of some region of the Fantendoverse.

Before you ask, yes, you can add series or characters as part of the Zaxinian Lifts.  Just add the category "Zaxinian Lifts" to its page.


The Zaxinian Lifts are a series of castles and towers connected by bridges held up by clouds, all of it shrouded by a powerful, thick mist of black color. Circling the boundaries of the place are many portals, each having a thick golden ring for an edge. Inside each ring is a colored sphere with the symbol of that portal's represented universe embedded in the very center.

The castles are each home to a powerful God or Goddess, often ones having control over specific elements in the Zaxina, but a few have specific control over things that happen in Zaxina. The towers often have specific areas, although all are restricted to the deities or those that have special permission to check out those areas. These are usually areas relating to top secret information or stuff only deities should know.

Characteristically, all over the Zaxinian Lifts, many can find rusted chains, wrecking balls, and many barred windows. The Zaxinian Lifts are built to look like a prison - after all, the Lifts hold many universes as prisoner, and Fandraxono refuses to let them go. Demons, creepy crawlies like spiders, vampires, and many other "horror" things.

Galaxies within

  • Stitchonia ~ Home to Ironworks Pioneers and The Realm of Dreams.  Half the planet is made of yarn or nature, the rest of it is mechanical or industrialized.  Often peaceful, sells things like threads, strings, and fluff to the other galaxies.
  • Petrlob ~ Home to Demolish Nation.  A putrid galaxy that has seas of poison, toxic clouds filling the skies, and a large division between the poor and rich is very visible.  Almost toxic to live in, but offers many valuable materials, including gold and silver.
  • Florice ~ Home to Crimson the Roserade.  The most natural looking galaxy, split into forest and ice.  Resembles medieval times, many knights roam this galaxy and many kingdoms exist within it.  Trades armor, weapons like swords and blades to rival Zonar, and resources like wood and paper to the other atmospheres.
  • Doomena ~ Home to Anarchy!?  A galaxy that heavily resembles America and even is influenced by it.  Said to be one of the most criminal infested galaxies that ever existed.  Offers a great deal of different things to the various other galaxies, but they are stolen often by thieves.
  • Zonar (universe) ~ Home to the General's Journey multi universe.  By stepping into the Zonar Universe Portal, you have several galaxies to choose from.
    • Zonar (galaxy) ~ Home to General's Journey and Gangplank Crew as well as Nature Warrior, Ordinary Mailman and Heztics, as well as Sweet Invader and Epica & Sarona, and now Gone.  The Zonar galaxy is almost always in a state of war or misery and the sun shines a lot and when it rains, it rains hard.  As close to ordinary as you can get.  Offers weapons like guns, rivaling Florice's business.
    • Hisplit ~ Home to Split Personality and the Zaxinian Prison, The Reminder, and formally Gone.  Hisplit is really messed up, featuring the most insane or obscene creations, and has a lot of messed up logic or people.  It is said to be the old birthplace of Zyvoline and his first destroyed place.  When it comes to selling things, it offers slaves and often illegal content.
    • Woodinn ~ Home to Syi-Fi.  Originally a part of Hisplit, Woodinn was separated to prevent the two from getting into fights all the time.  It's insane, like Hisplit, but not nearly as bad and features some more stable people and things to sell.  Among the things it does sell, it sells perfumes, often miscellaneous material.
    • Zonar Core ~ Literally Hell.
  • Various unnamed universes, presumingly parts of the Fantendoverse that have never been explored much.

Acknowledged Services

  • Flying Whale: The ultimate ship of the Zaxinian Lifts. It's an enormous ship meant to look like a whale that travels around the Zaxinian Lifts slowly and safely, being the home of many, many people, most of them rich because you need to be quite rich to live on there. However you can rent nights there as a normal person. The Flying Whale has an absurd amount of services, just don't screw up or you'll go out of the blowhole.
  • Zaxinian Pizza Service: A flying monster truck that just gets around the lifts on its massive, destructive wheels, flying occasionally to other galaxies to deliver pizza there.  It's goal is to serve pizza - and villain-smashing action, when it catches them off guard.  No one is manning the truck, it controls itself.
  • Zaxinian Ice Cream Parlor: A flying trailer that flies far across Zaxina, picking people up so they can eat ice cream there.  Serves almost seventy flavors every day.  Owned by Oyster, although it isn't directly operated by her.  Some people in the parlor actually live there.
  • Robotic Mail Service: This mail service is operated by a team of ninty nine robots and a sole human being, all of which go around Zaxina at high speeds, delivering mail.  The only human is Frink, who has considered himself too cool to become a robot.
  • Champion's Ring Service: A boxing ring that flies around with levitation, challenging people from across the galaxies to battle each other for prizes.  It's hosted by Henata and Ike, who invite people - good and evil - who have proven to be very powerful.
  • Café / Casino Saucers: These saucers float around the Zaxinian Lifts and occasionally land near "Saucer Stops" to take people aboard.  People can choose to go to the café of the saucer or the casino area (provided they are of 16 years or age or older).  These saucers are quite popular among the general public and are very relaxing ways to laze out the days or nights.
  • Great Top Gala: A carnival that sets itself around randomly, set up by Julibee and Grande.  It gets a lot of media attention and popularity from children.
  • snicky flicky: This odd theater teleports around the Zaxinian Lifts, showing up in popular areas. Here, the manager, snicks, sets up various pirated movies from planet Earth for people to watch. It makes a good way to end the night - assuming your luck even lets you find this place!
  • Every service mentioned here.



  • Zaxina - the original name - was inspired by the name of the AoWiki universe, Zolara.