The Zaxinian Lifts is a huge family that grows and changes to adapt to the impossible and to overcome the most impossible of challenges. I believe that with cooperation, anything can be done and that the sky's the limit. What I want the Zaxinian Lifts' residents to do is to fight horror, terror, and disturbances in sync with each other, and subsequently make a world they'd all be satisfied with. But to do that, they need to put aside their differences and fight against those that clearly don't wish for world peace... such as Queen Mallory. Under the leadership of Silver Zin, the Zaxinian family will fight to claim their world from the clutches of depression.
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The Zaxinian Lifts is a universe where most of Athena Hawkins' characters reside and thrive. As with all previous incarnations of the universe, it hosts nearly all of Athena (tbc)'s franchises, regardless of origin, and connects them together, via placing the various series into different planets. It is loosely connected to the New Fantendoverse, but its involvement is rather minimal in comparison to other involved universes, preventing it from being subject to broken lore or loopholes. A recurring element in the Lifts is several games, characters, and places are either named after, directly reference, or are inspired by lore built off of the band Metallica and its music.

Theme-wise, the Zaxinian Lifts focuses around the vitality and mechanics of the human mind and spirit, and especially focuses on relationships and how friends and family work together to overcome even the most obscene of obstacles. Human nature is the Lifts' central theme, with its focuses on control, cloning, relationships, and human morals each playing expansive roles in the Zaxinian Lifts' core story structure. Characters that abuse control, cloning, relationships, and morals like Queen Mallory are generally portrayed as the Zaxinian Lifts' main antagonists, while generally traumatized or greatly troubled characters like Pierce Hazel and Syinara Wyne that suffer from abusers of that control are featured as major protagonists. Silver Zin, the Zaxinian Lifts' main protagonist, is not a victim or predator nor is he a true citizen of the Lifts; he is portrayed as an outsider that is trying to find his place in a world full of boulevards of broken dreams and fit in with fellow others like Valerie Heartgold and Zodiez.

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The Zaxinian Lifts are a set of three gravity-defying islands held up high in the skies, surrounded by a long barrier of islands that contain rusted lighthouses and towers and buildings. The first of these platforms is the smallest and is where Ike is stationed to guard the Zaxinian Lifts from invaders. People are transported in and off the Lifts via talking to Ike over a phone and talking to him physically, respectively. On this platform is a small incorporated community where the Zaxinian Lifts' deities live and reside in. The second platform, just slightly larger than the first, is where Fandraxono's temple is positioned and is where people can file complaints or disasters among other things. The third platform contains a high-profile city where rich residents live and where portals to the Lifts' planets can be found.

The three main platforms are characterized with very unorthodox-shaped buildings and roads made from all the lost human bones in the Zaxinian Lifts. Gateways and bridges are also made from bone, but the bones they're made from does not matter. Turrets, cannons and the like can be found among the outer edges of the platforms; these serve as security to the Zaxinian Lifts' people. The little island barrier surrounding the Lifts has wrecking balls and maces attached to their little islands by chains, which are meant to make the Zaxinian Lifts look challenging and threatening to outside threats. Many people have shared concerns about the dark, pessimistic nature of the Lifts' appearance, and many have found this hub a scary place to live. The area underneath all these islands is just thick clouds, shielding the Lifts' appearance from below.

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Note: Even though Silver Zin is a deity, he never truly worked alongside the Zaxinian Lifts' deity team and as such isn't counted as part of it.



  • Zaxina, the original name of the Zaxinian Lifts, was inspired by the name of the Vaercian Legends universe, Zolara.
    • Zaxina, despite being an old name, was reused for the original incarnation of the Lifts.