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Zaxinian Chaos is a combat-sandbox video game developed by TimeStrike, released for The V² shortly after being announced at an unknown point in time.  As the logo may imply, it features the villain cast of the Zaxinian Lifts, whom go about and reek havoc on the world.

While most TimeStrike products regarding the Zaxinian Lifts take place in a specific galaxy, Zaxinian Chaos takes place all over them and you can use any of the villains from the various galaxies, including the supervillain Endal, the diabolical Lord Garchomp, the manifestation of nightmares acknowledged as the Echeno, the psychotic mage Silver, and the list goes on and on, to reek as much havoc as you want, to build as much of an empire as you want.

In this game, you can do brutal combat and tear people apart, do mass thievery, cause large fights, and tear apart entire cities, be it physically or by means of weapons, such as bombs and other genuine explosives. Think of it as your own atmosphere...if you're not in story mode, you can reset cities and etc back to normal so you can destroy them again. You can also rebuild the cities...into your own!  The theme song of the game is Super Villain by Powerman 5000, which played in the debuting trailer of the game.

Despite the low initial sales of Zaxinian Chaos, it was later released by scorpistar⭐.


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Zaxinian Chaos is a combat-sandbox game, as implied in the opening paragraphs.  In it, you roam the galaxies of Naxaz and cause major destruction, do world domination, amongst other typical villainy things, and you have absolute control over what you want to do as long as you are not in the story mode.  Alongside this, you can tear people apart and do as much murder as you want.  The point is to have fun!  The game is (by default) on an easy setting, so minor things won't hit you too much.

All characters start out in their respective homes and open up a newspaper or a similar source and see a list of things they can do or a list of people they can attack, and can check those things off on a list to do for the day.  What's chosen is completely up to you, you can choose to just do a little work or a lot, and...let me put it simply.  The day is yours to control.

In combat, you have a wide variety of moves to choose from, from seemingly normal attacks that often combo together to almighty special attacks that can wipe even fleets of enemies with a simple character like Ginger or Fandraxono.  Combat in the game is rather easy unless you're on story mode or you chose a higher difficulty, which grants you more fair battles against the game's opponents.

If you're not really into fighting or following the deeds on your list, instead you can just go out and do whatever for fun, nothing in particular planned, and you can begin attempting to conquer areas and make new structures in your glory, and add buildings and whatever you really want as desired.  As you build your empire, you can name it, and align other villains to join your cause, which is how you unlock some of the characters.


  • Left thumbstick: Move around
  • Left thumbstick click: Move the camera (Sandbox)
  • Right thumbstick: Move the camera (Combat) / Move your placing cursor (Sandbox)
  • Directional pad: Miscellaneous (Up opens Map and closes it, Down shows your character's status, Left opens up a list of villains you have and gives you the option to switch between them, Right opens your schedule)
  • Red button: Attack (Combat) / Pick up and place (Sandbox) / Confirm (Menus)
  • Green button: Special attack (Combat) / Remove (Sandbox) / Cancel (Menus)
  • Blue button: Jump / miscellaneous air action
  • Purple button: Inventory
  • Left shoulder button: Equip / put in inventory if full / Unequip current item
  • Right shoulder button: Switch between Combat and Sandbox modes
  • Left inner trigger: Zoom in
  • Right inner trigger: Zoom out
  • Left bottom trigger: 1st Specific character function activation
  • Right bottom trigger: 2nd Specific character function activation
  • Start: Pauses the game and unpauses / Confirm (Menus)
  • Select: Switches between the current items in your inventory without opening them up


There are various villains playable in Zaxinian Chaos, and here they are in the following table, featuring descriptions, and mechanics of the different characters will be explained on a separate gameplay page.


There are eight default villains to play as.

ZC Icon Endal

Endal is quite the chaotic villain, and is perhaps the most evil monkey one can lie their eyes on.  He's destructive, cruel and quite mad with power, but has a softer side that has yet to be explored by anyone.  Thanks to his high power and influence in the Lifts' government, Endal is a top ranking villain and was even considered to be the most dangerous before Ginger and Mallory became prominent.
Project Debut: BowieQuest (Jan. 2014)

ZC Icon Fandraxono Fandraxono is the God of the Zaxinian Lifts, but isn't exactly a villain, despite his immense power and control over the universe.  His speech pattern is broken and he's rather difficult to talk to, and only his wife Zodiez could ever really put words into his mouth for him to speak properly.  Among his powers are darkness, time travel, atom splitting, and both the gifts of creation and destruction.
Project Debut: Brawl of the Fandraxonians (Oct. 2014)
ZC Icon Ginger Ginger is atmospherically threatening, and while her power is incredibly strong, she was held in a prison for a while, but she broke free with the help of the others.  She is often very silent and offers little communication, less talk, more fight.  She is always quick to try and get her way, and always wants to follow her own orders or get people to follow her commandments.  Ginger's mind is often consumed by her power.
Project Debut: Wooden Aftermath (Feb. 2016)
ZC Icon Lord Garchomp Lord Garchomp isn't just a cruel lord, but he's also a cruel father, and intimidates swordsmen like his arch nemesis Crimson and his family alike!  This powerful dragon has flame powers and can utilize basic dragon moves from the Pokémon series, such as Dragon Rage, Twister, and Outrage, and can use other moves like Iron Head or Earthquake to mix things up.  Beware of Lord Garchomp when he sends out the dragons!
Project Debut: Crimson el Roserade (Oct. 2014)
ZC Icon Mallory Mallory is twisted and cruel and is actually the most screwed up villain in the entire game, going to great depths to get her love, Syi, destroy the Lifts, and take everything that's left for herself, but she mainly just wants her lover to fall with her.  She is responsible for a lot, including the deaths of important heroes, the completely new pacing of Syi's life, and the eternity of Wooden Aftermath, even taking over villains like the Echeno to try and win.
Project Debut: Zaxinian Chaos (Mar. 2016)
ZC Icon Silver Silver is, without a doubt, rather scary.  While Valerie and others treat him like an absolute loser, underneath him is a heart of darkness that isn't afraid to turn on people he knows.  He uses darkness, fire, and really any element from the Mind Weaver, and can hack and slash with said weapon as well.  Furthermore, he owns a pendulum which can cause quite a disaster in one's mind if they experience what he does with it...
Project Debut: Nature Warrior (Feb. 2015)
ZC Icon Snickers General Snickers is the other sibling of Scotch and Syande, and is the diabolical middle sibling.  He may look just like your ordinary teenager, and he sure acts like it most of the time, but deep within him, there's a lust to rule everything, and will take any chance to set his family or friends back to do what he wants.  He even helped an alien species set Scotch's home town on fire and helped out Mallory with getting Syi.
Project Debut: General's Journey (Feb. 2014)
ZC Icon The Echeno The Echeno is mindless, yet manipulative of others' and loves a deep, cruel laugh for every death it makes.  It appears to just be there for the sake of killing, but has an important role overall in the Zaxinian Lifts as its master of darkness, and is the embodiment of it.  Looks kind of flimsy to be a real villain, and stupid since it's just an evil bookshelf with teeth and wings and various eyes, but everything about it is incredibly strong.
Project Debut: The Realm of Dreams (Feb. 2014)


There are four unlockable villains to play as.

ZC Icon KrunchKake King KrunchKake Kake Krunch looks like an unserious villain at first glance, but while you can laugh at him and point fingers for his simple appearance, his skin is toxic to the touch and he has an empire of people just like him that can slither over your lands and ruin your vegetation.  Scared yet?  King KrunchKake is also diabolical and loves to destroy, but if you give him enough cash or something he'll sit back and do nothing to you really.
Project Debut: Fandro RPG: The War Against KrunchKake (Dec. 2013)
ZC Icon Nightshade Nightshade is an unusual villain.  While he's cruel and insane like quite a few of the other villains mentioned, he's usually rather calm and tries to take all losses into account to overcome his old weaknesses.  Nightshade can be lazy and wanting others to do his work, but when the man's on the stage, he'll not hesitate to use his magic abilities or strike down foes with a blast of magic, but if they're too good for him, he runs away.
Project Debut: Nature Warrior (Feb. 2015)
ZC Icon Valerie Valerie, like Fandraxono, isn't really a villain, but is rather a cross between a hero and a villain, and just does whatever she wants for the sake of whatever.  She's a really hard worker who lives many lives, including a businesswoman's life, a musician's life, a rich person's life, and of course it includes the life of a villain.  She has incredible influence over the government of the Lifts and often changes things to go her way...or for her closest friends.
Project Debut: Nature Warrior (Feb. 2015)
ZC Icon Zodiez The wife of Fandraxono certainly meets up with his power, and is even considered to be more powerful.  Zodiez is the master of the Zodiac Signs, and is capable of using the things that represent the signs to her advantage, also using the four primary elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Wind as well as the Gem Turret to cause widespread destruction.  She's not always bad though, and has fun sneaking around in the night for treasures.
Project Debut: Brawl of the Fandraxonians: Constellation Warfare (Feb. 2016)


The Ironworks

The Ironworks are one of the eight default arenas you have at the start to invade and change.  It is the main location from Ironworks Pioneers.  The Ironworks are rather mazelike, but you can demolish some of the buildings to look around more of the area.  The Ironworks consist of several buildings with multiple floors, and some buildings are connected together via arching hallways.  You can get around really easily by elevators or by using giant fans to ascend upward.  This is the home location of Endal.


Kingdom Wars

Kingdom Wars, consisting of Dumpstar and SecurityStar, is a duo of locations that starred from Demolish Nation.  Both Dumpstar and SecurityStar are destroyable and able to be taken apart, and you can actually completely strip the former of anything and feed it all to the much larger empire that is SecurityStar, or split them both up and spread everything equally throughout.  Buildings are made from garbage and gold, respectively.  This is the home location of King KrunchKake.


Creamy Clouds

Creamy Clouds is an ancient location that debuted in the ancient The Realm of Dreams franchise, appearing especially in the first game as Ethan's hometown.  Creamy Clouds features a lot of edible buildings and a whole lot of security you have to take down, and all the areas are easy to take part and smash people with.  Even though there is high security, there isn't really that much to rob.  You can also take apart the ground and form new clouds with it.  This is the home location of The Echeno.


Blossom Realms

The Blossom Realms from Crimson the Roserade are a kingdom set up on a weak slope, and are divided into grassland and ice.  The Blossom Realms feature some of the most roads and buildings and some of the most people, and it's all the more for you to terrorize.  Additionally, you can also explore the surrounding areas such as the Eterna Forest.  You can cut down wood and form new structures out of it, and create meat by shooting things like...I dunno, Tepig.  This is the home location of Lord Garchomp.


Peaceful City

The name of Generals' Pieces' Peaceful City lies.  It used to not lie, but since a specific teenager teamed up with aliens to set the place aflame, the name no longer fits as you see a city of flames before your very eyes, everything burning and churning.  Despite this, you can put out some of the flames and begin building a small functional city out of it, although you must always be alert for fires as they can come back if not every last drop has been removed from sight.  This is the home location of General Snickers.


City of Naxaz

Sweet Invader's Naxaz is a very large city and the largest arena in the game following the Metropolis and New York City.  Buildings are everywhere, and streets are just like tiny crooks spread between them.  The area has incredibly top notch security, but it's worth stealing as almost everything within the city is very valuable and worth putting your hands on.  Be aware though...the heroes that do reside in it are quite powerful and can quickly end your reign of terror.  This is the home location of Valerie.


Egnia Town

Egnia Town is messed up, with walking corpses everywhere you go and dead bodies hanging from lamp posts and...guts covering some of the sidewalks.  It's real gross, but that's Split Personality for you!  Egnia Town is kind of small but it can easily be made big as there's a bunch of unused space around it, but you got to clear it off of gore and guts that came from...old battles.  Egnia Town mostly features short buildings and thin roads, and a real low security.  This is the home location of Nightshade.


Downtown Hynau

Hynau from Syi-Fi, especially downtown, is known for its maddening atmosphere and its overall silence, and very few people really live in it.  All the more for you to take over and make popular, right?  Just don't upset the people from the neighboring Christmas Town, they can make you feel real naughty...anyway, there's a mixture of short and tall buildings, and everything seems to be working right, even electricity, so nothing's too hard to piece together.  This is the home location of Mallory.



Miramshad from Heztics is a real small town, yet it has a bunch of people you gotta force out or take down, and you can't really kill them because they're all ghosts.  All the buildings seem to be transparent, and wherever you go, there are pools of acid that you need to cross or jump over.  There is a toxic atmosphere here, so if you want real people to live here, you got to clear it out before getting too far into attempting to work out your business.  This is the home location of Silver.


The Metropolis

The Metropolis from Gone that never had a real name is the largest city in the game, and it's obvious Sherlock, there are literally hundreds of streets and maybe thousands of buildings, and millions of people.  The perfect place for you to terrorize to your heart's content.  There is the steep, steep price of there being extremely high security, the game's best, and if you get caught, it's pretty much game over for you.  You can also be stopped by Zonas and his friends if you're caught off guard.  This is the home location of Zodiez.


New York City

New York City from Ordinary Mailman makes its grand return here after a long, long time of having no roles aside from one in Brawl of the Fandraxonians as a playable stage.  It's massive in size and is divided into five sections that you can travel through, and you can conquer the city super easily since America, at least in the Zaxinian Lifts, is a weak country.  While it's easy to build things here, you must be aware of the incredibly high number of environmental hazards and natural disasters.  This is the home location of Ginger.


Lifts Lobby

The Zaxinian Lifts from no serious in general is a moderate sized area with only so much you could take apart and reshape, but it's rather fun to as you can create floating islands and place your buildings on those, and place buildings around the chained areas of the lobby back down in the Fantendoverse.  You can also customize the House of God with various things, like self-themed flags and a bed you can rest in.  This is the home location of Fandraxono.


Update History

  • 1.1: Added more buildings for the players to use, included new material players can use to create buildings or other material, boosted some of the weaker characters.
  • 1.2: Expanded the landscape of each universe slightly and balanced the weapons and powers that each character can use.  Also added a few new modes to the game.



Zaxinian Chaos' reception before release has been largely mixed.  People didn't know what to really think of the game, how it would work fluently, and worried about the small cast of twelve characters and the low amount of information revealed pre-launch.  Some of the information that was revealed though, like some of the more violent scenes, have been met with negative reception, many critics assuming that the game was merely high about violence.


Upon launch, Zaxinian Chaos was instead met with critical acclaim, much to the shock of TimeStrike.  The game has been praised for being innovative, easy to learn, and overall addictive, many appreciating the ability to turn off gore and the ability to boost difficulty to give the game the challenge it lacked at the game's few demos.  While the roster was criticized for being short, it was also praised for the high depth of each individual playable character.


  • Zaxinian Chaos is heavily inspired by, believe it or not, the team up of Barnacle Boy with Man Ray and the Dirty Bubble in the Mermaid and Barnacle Boy V episode of Spongebob Squarepants.
  • Out of all the presented villains, King KrunchKake is the only one from 2013, therefore being the first antagonist introduced by TimeStrike.