Zasguar Inc
Type of Company Video Game Makers,Toy Makers
Founder(s) Zasguar
Founded at/in Zasguar
Area(s) Served Europe
Owner(s) Zasguar
No. of Employee(s) Zasguar

Zasguar Inc is a company founded and owned by Zasguar. It was created in 10/15/2011. It has no buisness but is recieved to have some. It is called that they wil make characters after Art and the page for Jaguar is out


It is featurley suppose to have Jaguar released, but it is unknown about the system


They are making a handful of series. They have a contract with Nintendo

Kuoger (Series)-Kuoger

Groy- GroyDoc

Turkis Green-Hericola

Other VisesEdit

Zassy Critique- A criticising center in which they make some events held here. They love to compare other games and how one dominates the other.


  • The creater is brothers with the creator of 9009 Entertainment. They are former rivals.
  • A character art is already complete
  • They also have a criticism rating called Zassy Critique.