Zaris and The Dark World of The Forgotten is a game for the Nintendo 3DS. It plays to a similar style to Snivy and The Titan's Curse. It takes place in a steampunk world where fights are mostly done with mega evolutons(and even then most of them are permanently mega evolved) and all pokemon are colored differently than normal.

Playable Characters

Image Name Non-Move Powers Moves Description
Zarizard Zaris

Can light fires to see

Fire Blast


Shadow Claw


Zaris is the main protagonist of the story. He seeks to destroy the republic.
Galvis Galvis Can cut ropes in half


Drain Punch

Bulk Up

Ice Punch

Galvis is Zaris' best friend. He usually plays things for others, as he has a strong sense of chivalry.


Image Name Description
Raykaizer Raykaizer Raykaizer is the cause of everything. He plans on burning down all that is good, in flames of disaster and distraught anger.

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