Zara in Vermilion Ashes
Full Name Zara
Current Age 18
Species New Human
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Main Weapon(s) Fists
First Appearance Vermilion Ashes
Latest Appearance Dimensional Destruction
Zara is a character who debuts in Dimensional Destruction


Zara grew up as a normal, achieving kid, who passed through school and college without ever doing anything spontaneous. She often found herself being bored, and had no talents to her name. She decided to start trying out some sports and instruments, but neither really worked out in her favour. However, when she was forced to drop off one of the neighbour's kids to a fighting club, she decided to give it a shot and her talent finally blossomed. 


Zara is pretty ditzy, but she's fun to be around. She finds it hard to understand some simple things, yet finds it easy to understand harder things, such as mathematics. She is pretty lighthearted and fun, and finds it hard to take things seriously, especially in situations where seriousness is prime, like funerals.


Zara is a great fighter, and she loves to give something a good punch with her fists. She loves fighting, and feels more encouraged to do it as it's the only thing she has found much enjoy out of as a hobby. 


Dimensional Destruction