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larges Edition


Zant', the Usurper King, is one of the two major antagonists in Twilight Princess. He is the self-proclaimed King'of Twilight,[1] although Midna claims he's the King of Shadows.[2] He is a member of the Twili who usurps the throne of the Twilight Realm from Midna before the events of Twilight Princess. He regularly appears wearing a helmet that conceals his face, but removes it before his battle with Link. He is a powerful sorcerer and minion of Ganondorf.

Cœur  90%
Puissance -1.25
Protection -0.75
Accélérer 0
Magik +2
la distance +1

Mouverest Edition

Type mouverest  mouverest
Classic-Attaque: Shadow punch
Special Attack-normale slice shadow
Special Attack-Side electroheart
Special Attack-Haut arrow twilight
Attaque spéciale-Bas clash of shadow
Attaques à distance electro sphere
Attack défensives twilight cap
Final smash Glow twilight

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