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Zania Vazel
Zania in her Centralis Formal outfit, ready for a fight. Or not. She doesn't care much.
Current Age 19
Gender Female
Species Human
Main Weapon(s) Alisian Knife, Krajan Axe, Nantoese Broadsword, Snezhoki Ice Spear
Ethnicity Alisian
Height 6'0" (183 cm)
First Appearance Olive (2017)
Latest Appearance Olive (2017)

Zania Vazel is a partner character in Olive, an RPG developed by N Studios. She is the sister of King Joza Vazel and is a highly skilled tactician and weapons master. Zania is often regarded by people familiar with her royal influence as the true leader of Centralis, while her brother remains the public face.


To most, Zania appears to be a nonchalant, unexpressive, and overall boring person working behind the scenes in the administration of her brother, Joza. While these attributes are considerably exacerbated when she is put up against her excitable and sociable brother, Zania is honestly as much an empathetic and considerate person as she is laid-back.

She oftentimes uses her unassuming demeanor to her advantage, surprising those close to her with her intellect and tactical prowess on many an occasion.

Powers and Abilities

Due to their brief training under their father, Aryeon Vazel, both Joza and Zania are remarkably adept at fighting, and it is Zania who has excelled far past the skills of her brother, much to the intrigue and delight of Aryeon at the time.

Because of this, she, unlike Joza, is specialized in using advanced offensive weapons from all of the regions. If the player focuses on her Ability stat, they will end up with a very formidable Zania.



Olive (2017)

In Olive, Zania Vazel works on policy and politics in Centralis behind the scenes, in Aryeon's absence. She joins up with Olive Kasza on her journey after Olive returns from Nanto and wishes to travel into the underground ruins of Silent Historia.





  • Zania is the tallest female character in Olive, and the second-tallest human character overall.



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