Zangoose is a playable character in the crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. War Zone.

Trophy Description

Zangoose, the Cat Ferret Pokémon. Best known for it's bitter rivalry with Seviper. Zangoose is a normal type, but it's claws and quick reflexes allow it to stand up against even the mightiest Pokémon. Zangoose's claws are it's best weapons, and can be used to preform it's signature move Crush Claw.

Pokémon Ruby (GBA)

Pokémon Sapphire (GBA)


  • Neutral B - Scratch

Zangoose slashes forward with his claws.

  • Up B - Crush Claw

Zangoose shoots up into the airs with his claws. If he hits an opponent, he repeatedly scratches them and sends them zooming back down to the ground.

  • Side B - Fury Cutter

Zangoose lunges forward with both his claws, repeatedly slashing at the air as his claws glow with blue energy.

  • Down B - Swords Dance

Zangoose crouches down as pink energy crystals rotate around his body, harming anyone who gets too close.

  • Final Smash - X-Scissor

Zangoose jumps up into the air and uses his claws to slash at the screen, creating a large letter X that hovers over the screen for a brief amount of time, doing damage to anyone who goes behind it.

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