Say, You're One of Them is an episode of Zak and Darkclaw. It's the first episode, and is written by Sorastitch.


Zak crash lands on a planet named Earth, after the ship holding all of the members of his species is shot down. He lands in a icy cave which is being explored by Darkclaw. After accidentally coming across Zak's escape craft, Darkclaw decides to give Zak a place to stay at his house. Zak tries to get acustomed to Earth, but wonders where everyone else went, and attempts to fix his escape craft. Zak then finds a necklace inside the icy cave, but then is attacked by a giant snow worm. Darkclaw scares it off, but it destroys the escape craft. Zak grabs the necklace and discovers he can stretch his arms to unbelievable lengths. He thanks Darkclaw, and the episode closes.

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