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Zage pencil
Drawn by Ryushusupercat (tbc)
Full Name Zage
Current Age 12 - during the events of Reign of Chaos
15 - during the events of Rising Void
Gender Female
Location Evenwicht, Continent of Choroya, Tekrast
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
City of Evenwicht
Ability/ies Basic Solaramancy
High intelligence
Good at jumping and climbing
Vulnerable To Darkness
Voice Actor(s)
Faye Mata (as Lulu from League of Legends)
First Appearance Light In The Darkness: Reign of Chaos

An intelligent young Imp, Zage is one of the main protagonists of the Light In The Darkness series. Like her three best friends, she was born in the floating city of Evenwicht, located on the Tekrastian continent of Choroya.

Physical Description

A petite and slender Imp who stands about 2 feet tall, Zage bears the large ears that are trademark to her species, a short snout with slit nostrils, and fluffy, smooth-looking fur on her cheeks. She has a large, fluffy tuft of fur on her head that partially goes down the back of her head as well, and a long, thin tail ending in a tuft. She also has a small pair of wings that allow her to glide, as well as slow her fall.

Her fur is primarily silver pink in color, with a white chest, stomach and eye markings. The tuft at the end of her tail is rose vale in color, and her eyes are verdegris in color.

Her outfit consists of a small cerulean poncho and a cerulean head-band.



Being an Imp, Zage has high agility and speed, and her wings allow her to glide and slow her fall; they are too small to allow for true flight, however.

She is quite intelligent for her age, and bears a good deal of knowledge concerning many subjects.

She is also capable of basic Solaramancy, able to create flashes of light to disrupt and temporarily blind her foes, or hurl small, concentrated masses of Light energy as an attack. She is also armed with small, sharp claws and teeth, but doesn't really like to use these weapons.

Friends and Foes


  • Rinddel - One of Zage's best friends.
  • Schelm - One of Zage's best friends.
  • Kobold - One of Zage's best friends.


  • Rinddel - One of Zage's best friends.
  • Schelm - One of Zage's best friends.
  • Kobold - One of Zage's best friends.




Intelligent and modest, Zage always strives to take a diplomatic and logical approach to any situations she comes across, and typically acts as a peace-keeper between her friends. She rarely allows emotion to rule her decisions, and typically tries to remain rational in her thought-process.



Biggest Fears



  • Her headcanon voice is that of Lulu from League of Legends. Lulu is voiced by Faye Mata.