FRPG-SBM ~ DFandro
Zadico's basic appearance
Full Name Zadico
Gender Male
Species Ptero-Blob
Class Mage
First Appearance Fandro RPG: Stray By Me

Zadico is a blob character and a non-canonical character in the Fandro RPG series. He debuts in Fandro RPG: Stray By Me, where he is a clone of Fandro, created by KrunchKake's and Arcana's magic. Zadico is given the nickname of Dark Fandro by Ono, which is used by her, Fandro, Indigo and Ari.


Zadico is extremely sarcastic and narcissistic towards others, similar to how Fandro himself acts. However, Zadico enjoys the pain of others and will fight to kill his opponents for enjoyment. However, when on his friendly side, he cares little for his friends though does enjoy the company.

Physical Appearance

In Fandro RPG: Stray By Me, Zadico has a dark grey body with a single, large blue eye. He has two dark blue spiked wings protruding out of his body. On his left arm, he wears a large white gauntlet with a large spike on its end. He wears this gauntlet to hide the fact that he is incomplete, and his arm is mostly missing.


Fandro RPG: Stray By Me

Zadico makes his debut appearance as a major antagonist in Fandro RPG: Stray By Me.

Blueblood Complex

Zadico makes an appearance in Blueblood Complex as an unlockable playable character. Zadico uses dark magic in his attacks, and is a semi-clone of Fandro.

Brawl of the Fandraxonians

Zadico appears in this game as DLC, and is a semi clone of Fandro.