Zackery Philips is the main 19 year old hero in the game The Zackery Files. He is a detective that lives in the town of Rigment. He used to be a crime maker, just like Don JT, but reformed himself when he was let out of prison.


When he was born, his mom had died of cancer. Zackery then lived under the protection of his father, Marcus Philips. However, Don JT invaded his house and set it on fire, killing Marcus. Zackery was then considered and orphan and sent to an orphanage.

While in the orphanage, Zackery studied Sherlock Holmes. As he learned about him, he wanted to be a detective. Then, at the age of 17, Zackery accidently drank while driving and killed millions of lives. He was then sentenced to jail for 1 year.

After getting out, he vowed to be a detective and help others and never drink alchohal again.

More coming soon!

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