Zack Goomba
His current appearance
Full Name Zackary Goomba
Current Age 10
Date of Birth August 5
Gender Male
Species Goomba
Location Goomba Village
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Family and Relations
Mewshi (friend), Waddlenote (friend), Diggy Mole(friend), Koopa the Quick (friend), Goombario (best friend), Kitty Berry (friend)
Ability/ies Head Crash, Kicking
First Appearance Mewshi's Adventure!
Latest Appearance Mewshi's New Adventure:Secret of the Golden Fish
Zackary Goomba (also named as Zack Goomba) (Japanese: ザッククリボー Zakkukuribō) is a friendly Goomba who wears clothes and is a friend of Mewshi. He's calmer, relaxable and helps gladly people when who wants to help.

Zack is a Goomba who wears a red shirt and dark indigo pants. His eyebrows are happy instead of angry ones.

Game Appearances

Mewshi's Adventure!

Zack Goomba appears as an unlockable character in Mewshi's Adventure!. In order to unlock him, you must collect all the Dragon Coins in all the worlds.

Speed: 5/5

Acceleration: 4/5

Jumping Skills: 2/5

Skid: 2/5

Power: 2/5

Mewshi's New Adventure:Secret of the Golden Fish

Zack Goomba is an unlockable character in this game. He's lost somewhere in the adventure.

Names in other Languages

Language Word Meaning
Japanese ザッククリボー (Zakkukuribō) Zack Goomba
Deutsch Zufrieden Goomba Happy Goomba