Zack's Appearance.

This is ApsBooProductions' Character, give credit to him if you use it.

And with this powerful sword I will stop Vuudax and save the uni-ACHOO! Sorry, allergies. -Zack's speech in Quest.

Zack is the main protaganist in the upcoming ApsBooProductions series games. He is best friends with Shonen and King Spook.

Physical Apperance

Zack is a normal looking boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a red hoodie, jeans, and brown shoes. Like his friend Shonen, he has the ability to control fire.


Zack is quiet and polite if you don't know him well, and if you do know him he is funny and nice. Zack tries to be funny but ends up being the punch line of alot of jokes.



In the upcoming Wii U game, Quest, Zack will make his debut as the main protaganist.

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