Zachary S Koopa is a Koopa(ling) allied with both Mario and Bowser.

Zachary Koopa looks like a Koopa Troopa with spikes on his shell, scars, blue hair, warpaint and a tight shoe but is actually a Koopaling.

Zachary Koopa can turn into a human.

Prince Zachary Sebastien Koopa
Zack Koopa
Zack Koopa
Gender Male
Species Koopa / Human
Living Town Dark Land (Castle Koopa) / Mushroom Kingdom
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s)
Main Element(s)
Age 11 and two thirds
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Projectiles /
Affiliation(s) Koopa Troop / Toads


Zachary S Koopa has lots of abilities


  • Zach Koopa can shoot tiny Bullet Bills that are 999 mph.
  • He can also throw massive Bob-ombs.
  • He can throw fireballs
  • He can throw iceballs
  • He can throw gold fireballs
  • He can throw boomerangs
  • He can throw hammers
  • He can throw Goombas.
  • He can throw clones of himself.
  • He can throw Piranha Plant Piranha Plants.
  • He can throw Koopa Kids.


  • He can use his tail to attack
  • He can bite his enemies
  • He can use Falcon Punch.
  • He can use the Copy ability

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