Zac: One Mean Locust is a spin off to the Tak-Zac series developed by Namcom and the first game to feature Zac as the Main Protagonist. It is developed for the PlayStation 2, PSP, GameCube and DS in November 14 2006 in North America, November 17 2006 in Europe and Australia, and January 27 2007 in Japan.

The plot is when a group of musical cicadas hypnotizes everybuggy in the Ant Village except Zac so they can rob them all blind. Now it's up to Zac to stop these instrumental thieves.


Tak and Zac are relaxing on the roof of their hut, thinking there won't be any trouble in the village today. Meanwhile, a group of cicada thieves plot to rob all the money from the Ant Village by hypnotizing all the ants with their music. All the ants, Antstein, Queen Tayra, and even Tak get mind controlled by their music. However, because Zac's a locust, he is unable to get hypnotized by the cicada's music. Upon learning about Zac's resistant to their music, the cicadas try to hunt down Zac to prevent them from stopping their robbery.

Zac goes on a journey to the Ant Palace while fighting all members of the cicada organization. At the palace, Zac fights and defeats the cicada's leader Rocky which frees everyone from the music mind control. Rocky and his gang get arrested for trying to rob the Ant Village, and everyone congratulates Zac for saving the day.


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