Zac, the foolish locust buddy of Tak

Nobuggy messes with the Blue Zapper and gets away with it!

Zac is the Deuteragonist of Tak-Zac. He is Tak's Best Friend who is a Gold Locust but with no powers, so Tak tries to look for Zoster to make him a full Gold Locust. Because Tak never talks, Zac does the talking for him. He often refers to himself as "Blue Zapper".

Riding on Tak's back, Zac can shock enemies with his electric antennas and glide over distances with his wings.

A Locust Outcast

Zac doesn't have alot of powers like the other Gold Locusts, so they dubbed him as a "freak" or "sparky bug" due to the only ability is shocking things.

When Antstein tells the duo that the only person who can turn Zac to a full Locust is Zoster, Zac is hyper to find him but they have to find the Loki Hearts that are stolen from the Tarantula Tribe. Zac rides on Tak's Shoulder through the game and does the talking for Tak. Later, Zac is horrified to discover that the mastermind behind the Tarantula Operation is Zoster himself.

Tak and Zac go to Zoster's Lair, rescue the tribe rulers, and battle a Gigantic Robot Zoster is controlling to destroy the heart of the world. After Zoster falls into a portal to the Shadow World (and probably destroyed), Zac keeps being an outcast but he doesn't mind being a freak because he thought being a Gold Locust is too much work.


  • Zac was originally going to be named "Zim", but the name was changed so people won't confuse him for Invader Zim.
  • Zac can be easily compared to Sparx the dragonfly since they are both small yellow bugs that can fly.

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