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I am Za! Evil, oui?
Za.exe, Za.exe's introduction

Za.exe, a boss from the game.
Full Name Za.exe
Location Unknown
Class Boss
Main Weapon(s) Hacks
Element(s) Data

Za.exe is a villain that debuted as a boss in the game Game Freak: HAX and the Textured Hero. It is a program that was left in the program of the game, that HAX brought to life.


Za! Za! Za! Za! Za! Get going to ze Word of Za!



  • The Za part in his name is Japanese for Die.
  • Za.exe seems to be of French origins, such as his bottom half of his body and his hands, white, red and blue and that he speaks with a french accent, occasionally saying Oui.
    • If he is French, it is ironic as he has a Japanese name
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