Only shown appearence of the console.
Developer(s) Former SantiTech
Product Family xWC
Storage 32GB
Online Connectivity Wi-Fi
Release Date(s)
Late 2015
Discontinued Yes
Runs Zen OS
Predecessor SantiTech TWC
Successor Zenze


The ZWC is a cancelled console by SantiTech, which later became Zen Studios. It was supposed to be the successor to the SantiTech TWC, but it was never released as Zen Studios. wanted no connection with the xWC series.

The console was to have similar specifications as the xWC series (which all mantained the same specifications but they had new funcions) but with Zen OS and a controller similar to the Wii Remote. It was set to be released on late 2015.


  • The Z in ZWC stands for Zen.
  • The console appears to be similar in design to the NES, altough it could be a placeholder.
  • The early version of Zen OS that it appears to be running looks similar to the first official version of it.