ZIN is a fighting game that stars original characters only, with a horror theme behind it. The gameplay is said to be very similar to that of Super Smash Bros. The game has been in development hell for roughly two years, although the game was completely reworked in 2015. It was finally shown at Exotoro Entertainment Exclusive 2015 with six characters revealed. On 7/18/15, five new characters were shown at the first Weekly Witching Hour, with the page being developed soon after.

There are currently 19 characters known to the public.


ZIN is a fighting game in the vein of Super Smash Bros, where all attacks are relatively easy to pull off and do not require more than two button inputs for any given attack. Each character has a set of neutral and special attacks, with netural attacks generally having no special properties and can be preformed at almost anytime, while special attacks may have special properties to their attacks or have special requirements for pulling them off right.

Stages can also have platforms and pitfalls, which requires players to notice where they are on the stage and stay out of harms way and possibly put their own opponents in dangerous situations, such as spiking them down a pitfall.







These characters are all available from the start.

Name Info
MeldiNewZINMeldiName MeldiSymbol

Meldi is the daughter of Medusa, although she disassociates from her mother as much as possible. She is trying to figure out her life when mysterious creatures from another dimension start showing up. She has the ability to temporarily transform her opponents into stone, use her hair to snap at opponents quickly within a close range, and bring stone statues from out of the ground to be used as platforms and a below ground attack.
More info can be found on her page.

DevonateNewZINDevonateName DevonateSymbol

The last of his race and is somewhat of a traveler between planets. He had previously camped out on the moon, but creatures from another dimension took over and blasted him down to Minos, where he meets Meldi. Devonate can transform his body into purple vapor to teleport, which can be used to get stuck inside of other characters or to move around quickly since his normal way of movement is slithering like a snake. He has quick reflexes and can counter just about any attack, however it becomes harder over time.
More info will be found on his page.

BeetkleBeetkleName BeetkleSymbol

A god to the races on Minos, Beetkle was suddenly attacked by the mysterious other dimensional creatures and brought down to mortal levels when he landed on Minos. However, he found he still had some of his powers, even if very weakened. He can summon swarms of locusts, use his pincer like mouth to attack, and use his shell to reflect enemy damage.
More info will be found on his page.

MegalodoNewZINMegalogoName MegalodoSymbol

Megalodo was a scientist working in gene splicing when suddenly everything went wrong, transforming him into a shark man. He went into work the next day like nothing happened. When the mysterious other dimensional creatures began showing up, he headed out to do research on them. Using his powerful jaws, he can crunch any opponents in his jaws and use his fin as a part of a spin attack that slices any opponents close to him. He can also make use of chemical reactions to create interesting traps.
More info will be found on his page.

SkatchNewZINSkatchName SkatchSymbol

Skatch is a creative tentacle monster who has actually done all the names for this page. He was pulled into this whole mess when the dimensional creatures stole his easel that contained what was going to be his next masterpiece. He can make use of his giant pencil to create platforms and other weapons, as well as erasing them. He can also erase projectiles or even an enemy's hands, which requite them to grow them back in a few seconds.
More info will be found on his page.

AunomeraGroupNewZINAunomeraName AunomeraSymbol

Aunomera is the owner of Aunomera Corp, a wide-reaching business that builds gadgets. When the mysterious creatures from another dimension begin demolishing her factories, she makes a point to head out on her own to take care of the alternate dimensional pests. She uses a army of robots to help her attack, with three by her at all times. She can command the robots to attack, which assist her in a variety of ways, such as helping her recover or dashing into multiple opponents.
More info will be found on her page.

HapilNewZINHapilName HapilSymbol

Hapil works with Willow to keep the Withering Woods clean of any Gorgon pests. Hapil is a former Gorgon herself, who was born with a giant eye in her chest that shoots lasers that transform anyone in the path to crumble into dirt. In battle, she is able to use a giant vine with a huge strawberry at the end of it to attack, creating slow but powerful sluggish attacks and can fire her chest laser to briefly transform her opponents into dirt which she can kick to keep them out of the fight longer. She can also set up scarecrow sentries.
More info will be found on her page.

Kei-KikanjuNewZINKei-KikanjuName Kei-KikanjuSymbol

Kei-Kikanju was a experiment gone wrong. Intended to fuse mortality with technology, the girl that had undergone the procedure went utterly mental, crafting machine guns out of the former researcher's skin. Crazy and deranged, Kei-Kikanju attacks with her machine gun arms, which expand when charged and shoot more bullets. Most of her attacks can be charged, allowing for patient players to consistently pull off powerful moves that spread far. She can also use her machine gun arms to blast herself up, the bullets shooting her up.
More info will be found on her page.

BadeZimmerNewZINBadeZimmerName BadeZimmerSymbol

Bade Zimmer is an assassin for hire and usually very unaware of his surroundings, managing to win battles out of pure luck. Most of his attacks are useless unless you button mash them quickly. He swings his cyborg arm wildy, fires his pistol randomly and often breaks it out of improper use, causing him to just toss which often does more damage than his bullets. He can also make use of a dash that gets him out of breath easily unless you're doing another attack.
More info will be found on his page.

SpeenTeamNewZINSpeenTeamName SpeenTeamSymbol

The Speens are a race of aliens that were mutated by television waves that had come from Minos. A group of Speens came to Earth in order to trace the waves locations, becoming more and more mutated until they were transformed into their current form, their minds damaged by the trip. They currently work in children's television until a creature from another dimension unlocked their memories. They work as a team, being able to chain themselves to grapple onto characters and ledges. They can also transmit "B-Waves", which turns a character all glitchy for a moment and messes with their control.
More info will be found on their page.

TorchesNewZINTorchesName TorchesSymbol

Torches is a pyromaniac, to the point where it killed her but her spirit still lingers, still wanting to burn anything she sees. She has a fire trail blazing behind her at almost all times, so most characters will have to attack her from the front or use projectiles. She breathes fire and can shoot fireballs from her tentacle arms, but can also make use of crystals that explode if attacked, which can be set up to create a chain reaction.
More info will be found on her page.

HelioHelioName HelioSymbol

A comet given abstract form through some unknown force. He can change form at will and feed on projectiles to make him stronger. He can grab characters and blast them inside of his comet powered core, with a fully charged comet creating tons of damage.
More info will be found on his page.

WillowNewZINWillowName WillowSymbol

Willow is the caretaker of the Withering Woods. Hapil works under her and she's rivals with Meldi for attempting to live in the Withering Woods. Willow uses vines to whip her opponents and grab them from afar, and can root herself into the ground to prevent herself from flying off the stage while keeping damage. Be warned though; even her roots have limits and once they snap she'll be knocked back even further than normal.
More info will be found on her page.

CygnusCygnusName CygusSymbol

Cygus is a anthropomorphized version of a black hole. He's able to bring opponents close to him with his strong gravitational pull and extend his limbs and tentacle through spaghettification. He can also compress opponent projectiles down into nothing if he wills it. He's a character that wants to get up close and can extend his range to do so, although he'll have a larger and wider hit box if he does so.
More info will be found on his page.


Tohu Bohu is a embodiment of Chaos, a instrument for the chaotic energies to speak to mortals through. Although they appear to be a pair of stony lips and a strange orb, they are one of the strongest fighters around and their unique shape leaves a lot of fighters clueless as to how to fight them. All Chaos wants to do is speak, but they often come off as rude or uncaring.

More info about this mysterious character to be revealed soon.


More info about this mysterious character to be revealed soon.


She's a harpy, a bird and woman fusion that are typically seen as evil to the populace of Minos based off some old legends that aren't even true to begin with. She is a very light character and has a lot of recovery options, with a lot of her attacks needing her to be in the air to execute. Some of these attacks include a downwards float attacks where she attacks with her talons or spins straight into another character.
More info will be found on her page.

MarrowNewZINMarrowName MarrowSymbol

Marrow is part of the Fluororg race, a race of human-like creatures with the inexplicable ability to grow lots and lots of bone tissue. Marrow is a tough hitting character with a lot of good range opitions thanks to the bones wrapped around her body that she can throw as quick projectiles. She can also make use of her "bonetail", using it to propel her up albeit not as well as anyone with aerial options.
More info will be found on her page.


Rusted Ivy is a Monster Rancher, growing crops and raising monsters to sell. Somewhat crazy with a deep south accent, Rusted Ivy lost her eye while trying to capture an elusive beast that she can't remember but knows if she sees it again that she'll remember. Rusted Ivy is fairly quick, although many of her moves ironically require patience. She can water monster trees that act as turrets, release a centibull, attack with vines that ensnare opponents or a hard hitting rusty shovel.
More info will be found on her page.




More info will be found on his page.

The daughter of Megalodo, who has put a VR headset on her so that she can see the world as he wants her to- before the accident that turned him into a shark man. A side effect of this seems to be that she sees everyone in their past. Megulator is loaded with two gauntlets that let her use powers from the video games she loves, from super strength to firing off giant bullets with faces on them.

More info will be found on her page.


More info will be found on her page.


More info will be found on her page.


Lin is one the Time Police, sent to this time period to trac down an escape fugitive named Ire. She is incredibly weak and will die in one hit, but she has a time reversing module located around her neck area that prevents her from staying dead, going back 10 seconds before her death. However, getting her while she's down is a good way to ensure she stays dead, but you gotta be quick. Other wise she'll come back and begin whacking you with her chronochunks, which split her timelines into two to attack the opponent from up front and behind.
More info will be found on her page.

MiataurNewZINMia Taur Name Mia TaurSymbol

A girl mistaken as a monster by her parents and resides in a labyrinth that is said to be nearly impossible to get out of. The planet Minos was named after her and many sacrifices are made to her in a attempt to satisfy her "cannibalistic hunger". In actuality, Mia is a nice person despite the terrible treatment she has gotten for much of her life. She uses a bullwhip to attack. Her fighting style is based on Soubenjutsu, the Japanese martial art of the use of the whip and also takes inspiration in other kinds of whip fighting. She can grab an opponent out of the air with her whip or make lightning fast strikes.
More info will be found on her page.


Poll 1: Who is your favorite out of the 12?

Winner: Speen Team


Playable Characters
Non-Playable Characters

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