ZGear does what Drillimation doesn't!
ZGear's official slogan

ZGear is a company based in Manitoba, Canada. It is the #1 rival to Drillimation Studios, creating games like Swordini's Big Adventure and Rubber Duck.


In 1989, ZGear was founded. Their goal was to eliminate Drillimation Studios and create games that both mature audiences and kids could appeal to. In 1990, they released their first console, the ZGear Oddessey, as part of the 4th generation of video game consoles. Unlike the Neo Geo and CD-i, it managed to get a lot of attention, being the console in between the SNES and the Genesis. With a lot of first party titles like Swordini's Big Adventure and X Racer, ZGear achieved their goal in 1993, having the Oddessey outsell the Driller Engine 2000. Following that sucess, they released the ZGear CD in the same year, a CD based add-on for the Oddessey. The add-on came packed with the adult game Club Charlie.