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What the hell??
the real Unten, upon seeing this weird universe for the first and only time

ZAXALT is an alternate Fantendoverse that contrasts very much with What is the New Fantendoverse? and some of its related projects, featuring rewrites of multiple characters to suit the style of the creator (tbc) and a simplified lore to be easy to catch onto.  It takes place between three separate galaxies, namely the Puralaxy, the Edgalaxy, and the Whatevalaxy, which has very different atmospheres and the galaxies often compete in tournaments and crossovers.

ZAXALT takes on the darkness of the Zaxinian Lifts, the lightness of the RTAverse, and the neutral mood of some of the other universes, and mashes them into one.  The goal is for the creator to be able to showcase what she can make out of others' characters, and what the results can be.  It is unknown currently if ZAXALT will go beyond its upcoming game: OPERATION ZAXALT, which takes on a Fantendo Smash Bros. approach, but follows the guidelines of a Sonic Battle game.


The creator of ZAXALT is none other than Athena Hawkins, who was interested in the lore beyond the Zaxinian Lifts and decided to make her own version of it.  Originally, it was intended to be as complex as the Fantendoverse, but then she decided "nah" and simplified the lore immediately, and gave it a sort of system that can relate with her own universe.  She then went down to the universe and collected data samples from several people, and went to other Fantendoverses to get even more, then went back to her home and modified the data.  It is unknown how she exactly launched the new universe, but it can be visited by drawing a triangle on the second right wall of Fandraxono's temple.

Following its creation, Athena created three galaxies, then dropped off several characters, then left the universe alone after that.  Some deities have shaped up the galaxies to their needs, and the Gods in each galaxy that they had the ability to create whatever to shape their galaxies.  White Goddess controlled the Puralaxy, Black God controlled the Edgalaxy, and Zyvoline controlled the Whatevalaxy.  Black God eventually got bored of just helping out people, so he had the fantastic idea to go to war with the others, and the war has gone on like that for decades.  Alternative characters keep being born, you have people like ZAXALT!Unten and ZAXALT!Amy fighting in the war that Black God started.

The Galaxies


This is the most pure galaxy, and is supposed to be the most happy and peaceful of the galaxies.  It's like a paradises of sorts, you got the beaches, the mansions, and all the things you could care about.  While Puralaxy lacks a lot of resources, it's got the friendliest people, although not as many intelligent people as the other two galaxies.


The "edgiest" and darkest galaxy, filled with negative emotions and such.  It lacks everything Puralaxy does, but is home to many, many valuable resources, and as such it often trades with the Puralaxy, but it wants good and friendly people in return.  People in Edgalaxy are often either intelligent or insane, and sometimes, it can be both, which can be scary.


Instead of being based off of morals or happiness, Whatevalaxy is a case of randomness and doesn't follow any real consistencies, and is meant for the people who are "too cool for either of the other galaxies".  What the galaxy is seems to change every day, it can be a very hot desert one day, or a forest of lollipops the next.  Sometimes it can be fatal to live in, but that's rare and has a 3% chance of happening, but even then none of the conditions are really too terrible.  Oh, it also is home to kinds of resources, but those are random too.

Relationships with other universes

New Prime

The Black God consists the New Prime a "hack fraud" of the ZAXALT, and has wanted to war with it for many years.  In contrast, White Goddess thinks its neat and organized.  Zyvoline, meanwhile, just writes his Skarter fanfictions, doesn't have a true opinion on the universe.


  • While ZAXALT is a serious alternative universe, it does make use of a lot of jokes and gags of the Fantendoverse, especially those that are repeated constantly among the Fantendo community.  An example is "I can't believe Voltdozz is dead!", which is often said in ZAXALT, but instead of "Voltdozz", the name of a different ship is placed there.
  • The name of ZAXALT is derived from the Zaxinian Lifts and from "alternative".  Because the creator is lazy and a hack fraud.
  • ZAXALT's main inspiration is the Mynisverse.
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Note yo: If you don't want any of your characters in this, even as alternates, I'll scrap 'em.

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