An image of Z-AI.
Developer(s) Z- Upgrade
Console Type Console

Z-AI is a console developed by Z-Upgrade. It uses up to four wireless controllers.



Unerex Drive

Unerex Drive

It was originally developed to be an alteration of the NES, but its purpose changed after the creation of the Unerex Drive which allowed it to sustain the processing and storage of large amounts of data.

AI Research

The Z-AI was also used during some of the earliest AI research, as it was the only processor capable of running the AI programs. The research was later canceled due to a lack of progress, but it was secretly continued by Z-Upgrade. During Z- Upgrade's research one working AI was created, it was named "Zeo" ("Z" from Z-Upgrade and "eo" from the word "neo"). Zeo was eventually coded to the point where it was allowed to be an employee of Z-Upgrade, and Zeo is currently one of Z-Upgrade's best game developers.

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