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Yvonne Izayoi
Yvonne tof
Yvonne Artwork
Current Age 21 (Tales of Freedom)

24 (Tales of Freedom II)
524 (Marianne's Return)

Gender Female
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Commando, Ravager, Synergist
Main Weapon(s) Spears
Ability/ies Cure


Voice Actor(s)
Mabuki Andou (JAP)

Rachel Robinson (ENG)

Yvonne Izayoi (イヴォンヌ'十六夜, Ivu~on'nu izayoi) is a playable character in Tales of Freedom. A wild-looking woman with a large tattoo on one arm and a scorched mark of the Rasuren on the other. She first appears with Cid and the Cavalry with the intention of capturing Marianne in Lake Bresha. However, she has a more complicated agenda, as she searches for a long-lost friend and aims to complete her Focus. Spears are her weapon of choice.

Other Appearances

Warriors of Adrammelech: Tales of Freedom

1000 years after the events of Tales of Freedom, Yvonne is playable after purchasing her DLC scenario, "Heads or Tails". Hans reveals Yvonne has mysteriously gone missing, and it turns out she ended up in Serendipity, where he had to save her friend, Daryl by winning in the casino games. After her time in Serendipity, Yvonne resurfaces in Academia 500 AF along with Daryl. Once there, she helps Horee and Tina pursue Cahrous in the skies. Yvonne is present at the end of the game along with Horee and Hans. She retains his afro and spear.