The Supernatural Specialist
Universe Fatal frame iconFatal Frame
Recent Game U Fatal Frame V: The Maiden of Black Water
Availability Starter
Final Smash Fatal Frame/Hidden World

Yuuri makes her first appearance as a playable character to the Super Smash Bros. franchise in Super 5mash Bros. 5. Yuuri hails from the Fatal Frame franchise and has to deal with the likes of vengeful spirits, ghosts, and phantoms. All through the use of an old camera: the Camera Obscura. Yuuri also has three additional alternate costume possibilities: Miu, Mio, and Mayu. However, these alternative costumes do not differ in terms of play style or character attributes.



Miu, protagonist of Fatal Frame V: Maiden of Black Water


Mio, protagonist of Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly and sister of Mayu


Mayu, protagonist of Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly and sister of Mio

Yuuri is a mixed bag type character. Her main strength lies in the range and radius of her attacks; especially with her Camera Obscura attacks. Holding down the attack button slightly will extend the range and radius of all her Camera Obscura attacks. This is visible as when she performs her Camera Obscura shot, the Capture Circle appears which represents the focal point of the attack and will represent a clean hit. The only attacks that this doesn't apply to is her Up Throw and her Side Special Set B, Reihan Shot. Anything outside of the circle receives slightly less damage. She also has some up close attacks calling forth apparitions from the other world to perform attacks. Many of her attacks are rather misleading and hard to read. In addition, her two specials: Lens Switch and Film Switch changes the function of her Camera Obscura causing different properties such as extending the already impressive range or speeding up attack animations. All of Yuuri's ghost attacks usually let out some sort of scream, moan, or wail to the attack such as her Down Aerial releasing a wailing cry as it falls to the ground.

Yuuri is a rather slow character with the slowest walk speeds in the game. Her dashing speed isn't the slowest but it is down near the bottom. Her dodging ability is good with a long roll attached to the character. She also has good shields in comparison to others. Her jump is slightly below average and she has a mid-range/slightly slow falling speed due to her light weight.


Move Set

Name Damage Description
Neutral Attack Obscura Shot, Obscura Shutter 7%, 2% (jab combo) (clean), 5%, 1% (jab combo) (late) Yuuri uses the Camera Obscura to fire off a picture shot. It has good range for a neutral attack that extends about a body and half away. However, it is fairly low in priority. It comes out quickly and doesn't have much lag unless a lens of film is applied. It has a jab combo that includes very quick shots from the Obscura shot.
Forward Tilt Binding Shot 10% (clean), 5% (late) Yuuri fires a shot from the Camera Obscura that doesn't have knockback attacked to it. However, it can cause a daze effect that puts the opponent in a helpless state.
Up Tilt Spiritual Ascent 9% Yuuri steps back slightly while a spirit rises up to the heavens. It has quite the range and does vertical knockback; knocking opponents up into the air. It travels about 2 Yuuri bodies away. It has a slight start up and ending lag when initiated but it is good at hitting aerial enemies. The specter howls while floating upwards.
Down Tilt Drowned Spirit 11% The ghost of a drowned person rises out from the ground which knocks opponents backward. It has slightly less knockback but it has good priority. It can also block attacks coming at Yuuri.
Dash Attack Black Water Dash 3%, 3%, 6% Yuuri slides forward while wet surges upwards; hitting opponents that it connects up. The first hitboxes push the opponents backwards while the last hit knocks opponents. The first two hits has hitstun while the last hit knocks opponents upwards. It also has good dash distance.
Forward Smash Spirit Struggle 14% (uncharged push), 20% (charged push), 18% (uncharged falling push), 25% (uncharged falling push) Yuuri struggles with a ghost that pushes back and forth during the charging portion. Yuuri then pushes the ghost backward which falls backwards and crashes down onto the opponent behind them. It does high knockback and has a chance to hit two times before ending.
Up Smash Triple Shot 15% (charged), 24% (uncharged) (clean), 8% (uncharged), 14% (charged) (late) Yuuri aims the camera upwards and takes three shots that span in an arch. The shots have an average distance of about one Yuuri and a half body away. The hitboxes all have knockback so the attacks will only connect with one another at low percentages.
Down Smash Tangling Hands 0% Hands come up from the below and reach up. They can grab a hold of opponents and hold them there for a duration of time. Charging up the attack strengthens the hands and also increases the duration of time the opponent is held. A fully charged Down Smash holds the opponent for around 8 seconds unless the opponent is attacked.
Neutral Aerial Jump Shot 7% (clean), 4% (late) Takes a shot from the Camera Obscura that's angled downwards. It has the ability to launch opponents at a downward angle but not capable of performing a meteor. It has decent range but slightly below knockback capabilities.
Forward Aerial Scatter Shot 3%, 3%, 3% (clean), 1.5%, 1.5%, 1.5% (late) It functions similar to the Up Smash but Yuuri takes shots from a downward angle and then rising up to an upward angle. It will knock the opponent along th trajectory of the move; finally knocking them upwards with the last hit. It has very good range and is quite the effective aerial attack.
Back Aerial Lunge Dodge 10% A ghost appears and lunches at Yuuri with her dodging out of the way which causes the ghost to knock the opponent behind her. It has less range than other attacks but it has great knockback and is very quick with a long duration for the attack to actually connect.
Up Aerial Charged Shot 11% (clean), 7% (late) Yuuri briefly charges up the Camera Obscura and then takes a picture. It has high knockback and is a very effective killing move. However, it suffers from very bad start up lag and makes it unreliable to short hop. In fact, short hopping cancels out the attack and the camera shot might not even come out.
Down Aerial Body Drop 12% A ghastly body drops from belpw Yuuri and falls down to the ground; meteoring any opponent who is below. It has good knockback and will spike opponents who are on the ground. The ghost will vanish after sometime of traveling though or when it makes contact with the ground.
Grab --- --- Two ghastly hands comes out from in front of Yuuri and grabs the opponent while they struggle.
Pummel Ghastly Curse 2% A quick pummel that does damage. It applies a curse that does damage and even a slight hitstun if a throw isn't inputted at low levels.
Forward Throw Levitation 8% The ghastly arms holds the opponent into the air and then throws them forward; launching them into the air. It has average knockback and is fairly reliable.
Back Throw Phase Out 4%, 6% The ghastly hands causes the opponent to vanish and then reappear behind the opponent; launching them into the air behind them. It has higher knockback and damage than the forward throw.
Up Throw Soul Capture 6% The ghastly hands throws the opponent into the air and Yuuri uses the Camera Obscura to take a picture, dealing damage and vertical knockback. The knockback dealt is relatively weak though and not that strong.
Down Throw Otherwordly Grave 10% The ghastly hands pulls the opponent down into black water and deals loop damage before knocking them up into the air, dealing damage. The damage comes out as multiple hits before being launched.
Floor Attack (front/back) Obscura Defense 4%, 4% (clean), 2%, 2% (late) Yuuri uses the Camera Obscura to take a picture to the right and to the left; dealing hits on both sides. It is a rather long floor attack that has slight lag attached to the middle of the attack.
Floor Attack (trip) Grudge 7% A ghastly head appears from the bottom of the stage; hitting the opponent that is in front of Yuuri upwards. It is quick and doesn't require any attack animations from Yuuri.
Edge Attack Quick Shot 6% (clean), 3% (late) Climbs over the ledge and fires a quick Camera Obscura shot that deals vertical knockback and damage. It is fairly quick and has decent range attached to the move.


Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Lens Switch 0% Yuuri changes the lens used on the Camera Obscura which reflects on any of the attacks that utilize the Camera Obscura. Yuuri can change by hitting the special button and cycling through the available lens much like Shulk's Monada Arts. Here are the full list of available lenses.

  • Blast: Increases the damage and launching power of the Camera Obscura attacks but decreases its range and lengthens the lag animations.
  • Boost: Increases the speed and power of the attacks while decreases launching and priority stats.
  • Chain: Decreases the amount of ending lag in all Camera Obscura attacks and puts a small amount of hitstun on opponents.
  • Pierce: Does more damage to those with shields utilized.
  • Extend: Increases the duration and range of attacks that allows for attacks to be connected easier but greatly decreases damage and knockback.
  • Stop: Decreases damage output and knockback but can cause attacks to stun opponents.
  • Zero: Increases both speed, damage, and launch attacks but does half damage to Yuuri.

She can cancel these for a cool down penalty by pressing the special button again. Not selecting any has normal attributes. The lens all have the same time durations and will expire after roughly 15 seconds.

Custom 1 Lens Shuffle 0% Instead of pressing the special button, the player can hold down and let go of the special button to access the lens. Switching is faster than the default. The kens effects expires after 12 seconds.
Custom 2 Lens Save 0% Functions much like the default but, instead, Yuuri save the lens for later use. Pressing it again activates the lens. The lens expires after 14 seconds.
Side Special Vengeful Spirit 2.2% (loop) A vengeful spirit appears in front of Yuuri and dashes forward. When it connects with an opponent, it will begin to grapple with the opponent; dealing damage during the attacks duration. Struggling is able to free the opponent from the spirit's grasp. Performing it in the air shortens the duration but puts the opponent into a slow free fall state,
Custom 1 Vengeful Phantom 4.2% (loop) More powerful version that deals more loop damage and has a further range but is slower and weaker in being struggled off. Yuuri also has a little bit of lag to the ending of the attack.
Custom 2 Vengeful Wisp 1% Almost like a projectile. It has the best range and travels far but doesn't grapple with the opponent or even deal knockback. It does apply hitstun to the opponent though when it rushes past. It can go past several opponents; dealing damage.
Up Special Jump Flash 8% (base) (clean), 4% (base) (late) Yuuri jumps into the air, flips, and takes a photo during mid flip before landing. It does 8% at the base that this influenced by the type of lens used. It has average range and below average knockback. The attack has more vertical traveling distance rather than horizontal.
Custom 1 Soaring Jump Flash 8% (base) (clean), 4% (base) (late) It has more traveling distance to the attack but shorten the duration of the attack thus making it hard to connect with an opponent. It is more valuable for its recovery distance than its damage output.
Custom 2 Dire Jump Flash 14% (base) (clean), 10% (base) (late) It does more damage than the default but has less traveling distance with most of it centering around horizontal recovery.
Down Special Mitori 10% (regular), 20% (after death) Yuuri performs a pose. If an attack connects during the pose, Yuuri sees the opponents demise and deals damage through indirect spiritual energy launching them. The attack does more damage to the opponent if it connects after that opponent was KO'd. It has a 14 second window of time to connect before the effect wears off. Connecting after a KO also has more launching ability.
Custom 1 Desperate Mitori 15% (regular), 20% (after KO) It has a smaller window of time with only 10 seconds but the pose is a bit longer in duration. It does more damage and launch than the default.
Custom 2 Enhanced Mitori 8% (regular), 30% (after KO) Both the pose and the duration is small with the effect duration being only 5 seconds. However, it does much more damage after a KO with very high knockback ability.

Special Custom Set A

Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Film Switch 0% Yuuri can switch between film which all have different properties. Much like the Special Set A default, Yuuri can cycle through these film to activate certain ones. Pressing the special button allows her to choose which one and stopping there allows her to select it. Type-61 is the typical film that is used:

  • Type-14: It is fairly weak but applies a burning effect to opponents when performing; changing the Camera Obscura attacks to fire element.
  • Type-07: It is very weak film that decreases the attack but it prolongs the hitstun performed.
  • Type-90: Applies an Ice element attack that can freeze opponents. Slightly stronger than Type-61.
  • Type Zero: The strongest type but it suffers from even longer lag animations.
Custom 1 Film Shuffle 0% The same as the default but the player can hold down the special button the shuffle between types.
Custom 2 Film Save 0% Functions much like the default but Yuuri can save the film type like the Special Set A.
Side Special Reihan Shot 8% (late), 18% (clean), 4% (particles) A ghost appears and Yuuri readies her Camera Obscura. Holding down the special button and tilting the control stick controls where the ghost will appear. Once it appears, it will drift around and pressing side special again will cause Yuuri to take a photo of it - causing it to vanish and spiritual particles to rain down; dealing damage. It does 8% if the late hits late but 18% if the full attack hits. In addition, the spirit particles also spread out and fall down to the ground; dealing damage to nearby opponents.
Custom 1 Exploding Reihan Shot 12% (late), 22% (clean), 6% (particles) Much like the default but, instead, it causes a large explosion that deals more damage with a wider hit radius. The particles also spread out more and do more damage. As a consequence, the ghost will not move after being summoned and will stay in one place.
Custom 2 Homing Reihan Shot 6% (late), 14% (clean), 3% (particles) When released, the ghost will home onto the nearest opponent and draw themselves to it. Pressing the side special again causes Yuuri to use the Camera Obscura and take a photo; causing the ghost to explode and particles to rain out. It is faster but does less damage.
Up Special Kagemi 10% A ghost appears and Yuuri follows the ghost with a homing ability. The ghost appears a upwards horizontal angle. When Yuuri comes into contact with the ghost, it creates a supernatural explosion that does damage to those around it. Yuuri can be damaged during the attacks duration which cancels out the attacks effects; causing Yuuri to fall into a helpless state.
Custom 1 Persistent Kagemi 8% Super armor is added to Yuuri allowing her to weather more powerful attacks instead of entering into a helpless state. It also decreases the damage output of the attack. The ghost appears on a horizontal angle rather than a more vertical angle.
Custom 2 Uncertain Kagemi 12% The ghost will appear but tilting the control stick right before it appears will cause it to move to where the player tilted the control stick. It does more damage to opponents but with a less blast radius..
Down Special Purifying Flame 1.5% (reflected projectiles) Yuuri pulls out the Purifying Flame which wards away opponents, attacks, and projectiles by reflecting or bouncing them away. Holding down the special button allows for the effect to persist. Any projectiles that makes contact with the sphere gain 1.5% more damage as a result. The longer the special button held results in less damage and it become weaker.
Custom 1 Purifying Ward 0% It will reflect projectiles back without any added damage. However, it has high knockback when the winds comes into contact with opponents and can force them away. Holding down the special button helps ward away attacks and bounce opponents back. Holding it down for too long results in it weakening and growing smaller over time.
Custom 2 Purifying pyre 2.2% (loop) A holy fire envelopes over Yuuri and burns opponents who come to close to it. It can juggle low percentage opponents; dealing even more damage. Much like the default, it grows smaller and weaker over time.

Final Smash

Name Damage Description
Final Smash 1 Fatal Frame 16% (clean), 4% (late) Yuuri vanishes with black smoke and then screen becomes the view lens of the Camera Obscura. The screen changes depending on the opponents/players positions but doesn't affect the nature of the Final Smash. Instead of moving the camera around like in the Fatal Frame, the player moves the Capture Circle around instead. Pressing the special button will cause the Camera Obscura to take a picture and damaging anyone within that circle. The shot does damage to opponents within the screen but it is greatly reduced with less knockback thus forcing the player to try and get opponents within the capture circle. After 8 shots, the screen returns to normal and Yuuri returns to the stage.
Final Smash 2 Hidden World 48% A well spring of black water surges from the top of the stage. It has a slightly erratic trajectory as it falls down and may or may not capture the opponent it was intended for. Anyone caught in the surge of black water instantly gets transported to a nightmarish dark world called the Hidden World. The sky is a dark red/purple color and black water surges underneath them while, all around, dead spirits float int he air. There is tons of moaning and wailing within this deadly realm. They hear a sound and the opponent looks behind them to find the main antagonist of the Fatal Frame series, Ouse Kurosawa. She begins to laugh hysterically in a very terrifying way and captures the opponent in darkness which turns the screen to complete black with the only sound of her laughing. The scene then transitions to the match at hand and the opponents caught within the Final Smash are launched while appearing completely black. If they are KO'd, the blackness on their models vanish or will vanish shortly after if not KO'd.


Italics means they have to be unlocked.

Note: Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio share the same taunt animations but differ in terms of lines and voice actresses.

  • Yuuri holds her hands in front of her chest and takes a deep breath while closing her eyes. Once she opens her eyes, she says one of the lines.
    • Yuuri: "I can't give up now."
    • Miu: "I've come so far!"
    • Mayu: "I must move on."
    • Mio: "I will give it my all!" (Up)
  • Yuuri shines her flashlight to the right and to the left while appearing slightly scared.
    • Yuuri: "What was that noise?"
    • Miu: "I have a bad feeling about this."
    • Mayu: "I'm not alone..."
    • Mio: "Hello. Is anyone there?"(Right)
  • Yuuri takes out the Camera Obscura and inspects it for 3 seconds and then puts in back.
    • Yuuri: "This must be very old, indeed."
    • Miu: "With this, I can calm the spirits."
    • Mayu: "This is very dear to me."
    • Mio: "I must take good care of this camera."(Left)
  • Yuuri stands up straight and looks behind her with a slightly concerned look on her face.
    • Yuuri: "I need to help the departed quickly before it's too late."
    • Miu: "Everyone will die if I fail..."
    • Mayu: "I can't afford to give up now."
    • Mio: "I'm scared but everyone is counting on me."(Down)

Character Selection Screen

Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio share the same quotes but differ in voice actresses.

  • Yuuri holds up the Camera Obscura and says "Cheese!"
  • Yuuri looks to the left with her hair waving int he wind and says "I feel a darkness coming..."
  • Yuuri looks at the Camera Obscura before holding it in the air an dlooking forward while saying "Let's do this."

On Screen Appearance

  • Yuuri appears from the left, walking slowly and holding her flashlight in her hand. She looks to her right and her left.
  • Appears a sea of dark clouds holding her flashlight
  • A Japanaese sliding door appears and Yuuri opens it and walks out rather timidly.

Victory Animations

Note: Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio all share the same Victory Animations but have different quotes and voice actresses.

  • Yuuri holds up the camera and goes to take a picture but then lowers the camera slightly with a troubled look.
    • Yuuri: "I can hear the souls of the departed crying..."
    • Miu: "I won but I don't feel good about it."
    • Mayu: "I will keep those who were lost in my heart."
    • Mio: "Why must good people suffer?"
  • Yuuri holds up her hand and clenches it into a fist while holding the Camera Obscura.
    • Yuuri: "They may be scary but spirits have feelings too."
    • Miu: "I gave it my all!"
    • Mayu: "That was a close one."
    • Mio: "I hope they can find rest."
  • Yuuri holds up the flashlight and points it to the right and then to the left and then straight at the camera.
  • Yuuri reaches down and goes to pick up a memo but a ghastly hand pops out. Yuuri stumbles backwards shocked but the ghastly hand gives a thumbs up sign.
  • Yuuri turns around and tosses her hair while looking to the left and saying:
    • Yuuri: "Now where is the exit?"
    • Miu: "It's so dark in here. I can barely see."
    • Mayu: "I must of gotten lost."
    • Mio: "I need to hurry out of here."
  • Yuuri holds her hands in front of her chest and then holds out her hand to the sky.
    • Yuuri: "My heart goes with you."
    • Miu: "Love will conquer all things."
    • Mayu: "Darkness runs away from the light."
    • Mio: "The restless can now finally rest."

Fan Cheer


Losing Animation

  • Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio face the camera while smiling and clapping.
  • Yuuri.Miu/Mayu/Mio hold their heads sloghtly down while closing their eyes in a firhgtened expression.
  • Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio appears as a ghost; swaying in the air.

Victory Fanfare

A flourished remix of the song "Ceremony of Passage" from Fatal Frame IV" which consists of :36 to :50 which also has mingled voices from "The Moaning of Hell".

Fighting Stance

Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio have their knees slightly bent with their right hand holding the flashlight slightly outwards while the left hand is held slightly elevated.

Idle Poses

  • Body twitches very slightly and she bends her knees even more as if she heard a scary sound suddenly, she tilts her head behind her.
  • Turns the flashlight on and off quickly.
  • Dusts of her skirt/pants slightly.
  • Touches her hair for a brief second.

Misc Animations


Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio crouches down with knees pressed together in a close squatting position


Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio jumps up while holding the flash light.


Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio dives, tucks, and rolls along the ground before coming back up on her feet. It is the longest roll with the longest amount of dodging frames in the game.


Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio walks slowly forward with the flashlight pointing forward and the left hand held out in the air. It is the slowest walk in the game.


Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio runs forward with the flash light bobbing up and down and the left hand held higher in the air. Reminiscent of the running animation found in Fatal Frame V. Third slowest run in the game.


Sits down with her legs tucked underneath her and slightly out while her hands support her body on the ground. Her head drops to her chest with her hair falling down.


She slips and fall on her butt.


Balances on both feet while using her hands to try and balance herself out.

Home-Run Bat

Swings forward using both hands.

Star KO


Screen KO

Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio fall into the screen on their right side where the flash light is. The hair moves when they hit the screen as does the clothes,


Yuuri/Miu/Mayu/Mio's trophies can be earned by completing Classic Mode, Adventure Mode, All-Star Mode, and Boss Battle mode. In addition, further trophies can be found during matches and at the Trophy Shop.


Unlock: Classic Mode

Miu (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


Mayu (Alt)

Unlock: Adventure Mode


School Uniform

Unlock: Boss Battle


White Kimono

Unlock: Boss Battle


Mio (Lens Switch)

Unlock: Complete a Character Challenge


Yuuri (Reihan Shot)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge


Miu (Pink)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Yuuri (Red)

Unlock: Complete a character challenge

Yuuri, Miu, Mayu, and Mio (Down)


Unlock: Match or Trophy Shop

Sakura and Crimson Yukatas

Unlock: Complete a Yuuri Character Challenge

Fatal Frame

Unlock: All Star Mode

Hidden World

Unlock: All Star Mode

Alternate Costumes


Color Title Color Notes Status
Orange Orange Yuuri's default outfit from Fatal Frame V. Starter
Red Red Coloration is based on the ghost Shiragiku from Fatal Frame V. Starter
Blue Blue Coloration is based on the character Hisoka Kurosawa from Fatal Frame V. Starter
White White Miu's default outfit from Fatal Frame V. Starter
Pink Pink Coloration is based on her mother, Miku Hinasaki from Fatal Frame III. Starter
Purple Purple Coloration is based on the guest character in Fatal Frame V, Ayane Akane from the Dead or Alive series. Starter
Brown Brown Mio's default outfit from Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly. Starter
Black Black Coloration is based off on the character Sae Kurosawa from Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly. Starter
Brown Brown Mayu's default outfit from Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly. Starter
Gray Gray Coloration is based off on the character Akane Kiryu from Fatal Frame II: Deep Crimson Butterfly. Starter
White School Uniform White Model bassed off the White School Uniform for Yuuri Locked
White Kimono White Model based off the White Kimono for Miu. Locked
Sakurai Yukata Pink Model based off the Sakurai Yukata for Mio. Locked
Crimson Yukata Red Model based off the Crimson Yukata for Mayu. Locked

Reveal Trailer

"In this Cage"

Time: 4:00 Scene: