Yurlka Lazer

Yurlka Lazer, is the Evolutia part of Destruction. Linear, his partner Heals all (the Healing part of Evolutia). He secretly loves his "non-destructive" part (who is Linear). He doesn't like humans (of any kind) at all unlike Linear (who always loves them). His first game appearance was in Evolution 2: Far Off Promise. (for the Dreamcast). His latest appearance is in the game "Evolutia" for the Gameube. He like Linear is her other part. unlike most characters he is very seldom and at times quiet, yet he can be very loud and is the most secretive character there is. His long sleeves is very calming to Linear. Yurlka even has his own castle (From Evolution 2: Far Off Promise.) And the 3rd game, "Evolution Worlds" (for the Gamecube). Evolution 2: Far Off Promise was his first debut in the Evolution series.


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