Yuriko (百合子) is a series made by BethS.


The main characters are all in the same year of Sixth Form, in England and 3/4 of them are girls.


Yuriko is an intelligent girl, and the main character of the series. She wants to be a scientist when she is older. She often makes inventions.


Katsumi is the most beautiful girl in Sixth Form. Yuriko often gets jealous of Katsumi and is only friends with Katsumi out of envy. Katsumi is often made fun of by the other girls because of having dated alot of guys.


Usagi is a girl who loves animals, and Yuriko's friend. She is shy and wants to be a vet in the future.


Yoshio is the only boy in the group. Yoshio and Katsumi are dating, so often have romantic moments between eachother. Yoshio loves to play video games, so some of the girls consider him a geek.


Yuriko and the Sleepover

This is the first book of the series, and introduces all the characters.

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