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Yume Nikkcraft is a game about the protagonist, Madotsuki exploring her strange, blocky dreams.




  • Uboa/Poniko
    • An Uboa or a Poniko is an uncommon mob that spawns in the dream world. In a Light environment, he is a Poniko, but in a Dark Environment, she turns into an Uboa. A Poniko walks around and can be killed easily with a Knife. Uboas, however, cannot be killed and will send you to a Blood Oasis biome in The White Desert if you touch them. However, they do not actively chase you unless you get near them.
  • Toringen
    • Toringen spawn all over the place, usually Sane. Occasionally one will spawn Insane. Despite being one of the most common mobs in the game, Toringen are invincible. If you attack a Sane Toringen, they will turn Insane as well as all Toringen in a five-chunk radius around you and will immediately begin chasing you to teleport you somewhere underground.


The Nexus

  • Room
  • Doors
  • Eyeball

The White Desert

  • Sand
  • Monoko
  • Blood Oasis
  • Red Maze
  • Cactus
  • Pirori

The Sewers

  • Sewers
  • Drainage Street
  • Seccom Masada-sensei
  • Docks

Number World

  • Number Rooms
  • Kyuu-kyuuKun
  • Forest
  • Beds
  • Guillotine

FC World

  • Castle
  • Lands
  • FC Forest

Dream's Vortex

  • Balcony
  • The Ground

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