Yukimazan EP
Yukimazan EP
Album cover of the Yukimazan EP
Musician/Band Cobweb
Genre(s) electronic music, video game music, remixes
Release Date(s)
June 17th 2010
Previous Album G777
Next Album Uil EP

Yukimazan EP is an EP released by Cobweb (tbc) on June 17th, 2010. It consists entirely of remixes of the video game song "Lin - Supreme Logician." It is titled as the "Yukimazan EP" because the song was requested as one of Cobweb's remixes by Yukimazan (tbc).

Track Listing

  1. Supreme Logician (Cowman Remixed & Rebuilt)
  2. Supreme Logician (Sci Fi Lo Fi)
  3. The Supreme Logician Vs. An Army of Cows
  4. Supreme Logician (Rock-n-Roll Re-Mix)


The remixes can be listened to here.