The next morning, Purple, Ella, Dash and Oxus are preparing a welcome session in front of the main door of Fan Castle. Ella and Oxus are preparing a battlefield as Yuki ordered while Purple and Dash adjust the armory weapons such as the Light Cannon. Meanwhile, Nightwolf who is doing a warm-up under a tree can’t wait to face the recruits which are the friends of his comrades. He does a few push-ups, runs around the tree 10 times then climbs it up to the top and does a backflip while landing in a handstand pose. He slams the tree with his arm and does a quick twin slice on the tree, cutting it into the air and kicks the cut tree towards the other side, almost hit Ella and Oxus as it crashes into the castle’s defense wall. Ella though angry with Nightwolf’s arrogance, she keeps it to her heart and decided to teach Nightwolf a little lesson when the time comes.

Outside of Fan Castle………

Nightwolf: Heeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Ella: *shocked* Aaaaah! *shrieks then falls down onto the ground*

Oxus: *ducks down* Woah! Watch it!


Nightwolf: *huff**huff**huff* Wooooooooooohooooooooooo! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m ready! I’m rea-

Oxus: Argh, enough of that! If you’re ready then don’t say it ok!?

Nightwolf: *chuckles* Hah! I’ll say it as much as I pleasure without you guys laying a finger on me. Today, I’m gonna beat your puny friends I tell ya!

Ella: *sarcasm* Hahaha. Very funny, that’s for you to say. Our recru-I-I mean friends haven’t even made a step to this place and you’re still winding up the same tune of yours again.

Nightwolf: What!? It’s not like I’m singing a serenade song to you Ella Petals!

Ella: It’s Metals not petals! Don’t you wolves ever hear properly?

Nightwolf: *scratches his right ear* Um well, yeah. You could say that.

Ella: *sigh* Oh boy, I don’t think you would understand well, do you Nightwolf?

Nightwolf: About what Bella Kettles?

Ella soon grins her teeth for she can’t stand Nightwolf’s pathetic behavior.

Ella: *grins* Argh forget it. You are so gonna regret losing this battle.

Nightwolf: Oh, what’s that? Oh yeah, nevermind.

As Nightwolf shrugs himself, Ella turns one of the metal weapons into a sword but Oxus prevented her from causing more anger on Nightwolf.

Oxus: Now now Ella, it’s not like the outcome of the battle should be taken too seriously right? Besides, at least there are some who may be stronger and better than that freaky dog.

Ella: *sighs* Ugh, very well then Oxus. Thanks for cheering me up though.

Oxus: Not a pro-WAH!

Oxus suddenly gets hit by a big rock thrown by Nightwolf. Oxus crashed into another tree with the big rock, feeling very painful after the hit.

Oxus : Ouuuuuuch. That hurts don’t you know that!?

Nightwolf: Bout what?

Oxus feels very annoyed with Nightwolf and wished he would end up dealing the big deal himself. Dash who was just filling in some arrows into a ballista moved the rock with his power and lifted up Oxus from his pain.

Dash: Are you ok there buddy?

Oxus: Ouch! Um, ye-owch!

Dash shook his head and brings him into Fan Castle. After the two were in, Ella gave a glare and mean look at Nightwolf with Purple noticing it.

Ella: That dim-witty little fiddle wolfy doofee-

Just before Ella could mock Nightwolf anymore, her face suddenly turns from mean look to a happy one.

Purple: Ella, are you ok there?

Ella: …Yes.

Purple: Urr, what’s with the sudden face of yours Ella? Ella?


Ella suddenly bursts into joy, cheering up and down with a happy smile. Nightwolf and Dashed are curious about her turning emotions but they soon found the answer to that. The recruits, all of the recruits, have arrived as they saw. From left to right, a Sceptile with a blue jacket with bracelets and a scar on it’s left leg, a boy with a cowboy suit and a hat wielding pasta on his hands, a kid with a black shirt with a fire and F-symbol and has a yellow hair with red streak on it, a small red penguin with a katana and a brown girl with fairy wings and goggles. All of them seems to be shaped up for something big.

Ella: Andy! You’re here!

Ella all of a sudden ran towards Andy as she hugs him. Andy suddenly blushes a bit with the rest looking at him with a giggle. Purple and Nightwolf soon followed to see the new recruits.

Purple: Ooh our friends have arrived! Looks like your time has come Nightwolf.

Nightwolf: *laughs* Hahahaha! So these are the recruits? More like Halloween costumes to me!

Andy: *pushes Ella away Woah there Ella, I came here as you asked me to so don’t try to do anything funny under the coconut husk.

Ella: Oh Andy I’m glad you came! And you brought along you’re useless pasta to-


Andy suddenly whips Ella with his pasta and rolls it back to his waist.

Ella: Eeeowch!

Nightwolf: Aaarf!

Andy: Not when you feel the real taste of this little baby Ella. I may be young like a calf but my little baby will never lose it’s benevolent smell.

Emerald: Now there Andy, it’s not nice to whip your old buddies with that string of yours.

Nightwolf: Who are you green lizard?

Emerald: I’m a sceptile not a lizard! And that will be Emerald.

Emerald bows to Nightwolf, Ella and Purple with a smile. Purple decides to give a handshake welcome with him.

Purple: Pleasure to meet you Emerald. I’m Purple and this is Ella and Nightwolf. The rest of my friends are still inside the castle but you’re gonna need a special permission from our boss before you can take a step in.

Emerald: Ah I heard about this guy name Yuki. He’s the boss here right?

Ella: Basically, he’s just a Prime Minister. The Fan is the boss or the ruler of the Fan Kingdom actually.

DREW:..The boss huh?....

Ella looks at DREW who seems to be looking down with his sour face.

Ella: Aww, it’s nice to see you again DREW. Come on, you can’t always look over a spilt milk every time.

Purple: (What milk? I never seen DREW with a cup of milk. )

DREW: …….

Speedy: He’s the same as always Ella. Words aren’t the right tools for change.

Purple: Woah hey Speedy! How’s it going pal?

Speedy: Same as you imagine. It’s quite a coincidence to meet you here.

Purple: Coincidence?

Speedy: Well, someone sent me a letter of invitation and I came just as the letter says so. Too bad whoever wrote that letter forgot to put his or her name there.

Purple: *shocked* (Oh dang it. I’m so put up on my training I even forgot the most basic one of all. Sheesh) Um, well that would be me Speedy. Sorry fo-

Demi: Forget the sorry and sorrow, where’s that boss of yours!?

Purple: Aaah!

Emerald: Oh um I forgot to introduce you to our little fairy here, Demi. Careful, she’s got herself quite a temper all right.

Nightwolf: She looks more like a bedbug to me.

Demi: Argh! How dare you call me with such dirty words!

DREW slowly walks back a bit while the others tries to calm Demi down.

Ella: Nightwolf! Where on earth do you learn to mock your friends like that!?

Nightwolf: Beats me Umbrella.

Ella’s temper soon rose up again but just before her anger reaches the tip of her head, Yuki suddenly appears with a smoke bomb entrance in his Koopa form.

Yukimazan: So, our new recruits have arrived. Is that all of them?

Purple: Oh Yuki! Well u-u-um yes…..except for one more but I think he’s coming a bit later or sooner. Anyway, guys, this is Yuki, our Prime Minister.

Yuki then bows to welcome the new recruits then rises to give a little speech to them.

Yuki: To start off this welcome party of ours, I would like to say it is an honour for all of you to be here. There’s no need for introduction as I overheard the conversation. You can tell more of yourself……after you all have gone through a special test of mine. So my fellow friends, shall we play our roles now?

Everyone: YES!

  • To be continued in the next episode*

(Any mistakes, inform me)

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