It was night time at the Fan Kingdom. Inside Fan Castle, all of The Fan's officers had their dinner after a long day from their duties, training and a little bit of slack off. Yuki and his comrades were all in the dining room of Fan Castle, discussing about the day while eating their dinner.

In the dining room of Fan Castle...

Yukimazan: Another annoying commotion in our seas again Nightwolf?

Nightwolf: You bet. We managed to take down those goons with a few casualties but it was one heck of a fight I would never wanna lose.

Oxus: I'm all yes to Nightwolf. Those guys back there really knows something about all those pirate moves an-

Nightwolf: Pirates!? Hmph, they are nothin more like maggots being squashed by a frying pan!

Oxus: And surely, you're the one who's responsible for eating them all up. *chuckles*

Nightwolf: Oh why you little gre-

Yukimazan: Nightwolf, do you know one of the common rules of eating on a table?

Nightwolf: Of course you big brain! How could I have not know that!?

Yukimazan: *waddles finger* Then why are you quarelling when you're suppose to eat?

Nightwolf: *surprised* Gahh! Oh, freakish me.

Yukimazan: *takes a bite on a salmon with his fork* You know as you say but the truth is, you don't. You still have a long way to learn about "limits" Nightwolf.

Nightwolf: *sigh* Ughh, all right.

Nightwolf soon calms down after a quarrel with Oxus.

Ella: Yuki, I have been wondering to ask

Ella Metals touches her forehead with her finger, trying to recall what she wanted to say.

Yukimazan: About what my little lady?

Ella Metals: Mmm...come on.....what..was...i-

Purple: OH MY G-

Purple suddenly remembered something but accidentally spilt some pepper on Ella's soup unknowingly.

Ella: Aaaah! *pants* You almost pierced a hole in me Purple.

Purple: *blushes* Hehe, sorry Ella. I just remembered something I have to tell to Yuki.

Yukimazan: (Looks like when one thing comes to the mind, it becomes a key to all the doors of possibilities and secrets.) Yes, go on Purple.

Purple: Well, I have been reported that some of our friends would be coming here tomorrow. They will come in different times so um....well......

Yukimazan: More recruits again? *bites on his salmon*

Purple: They aren't just recruits Yuki. They are some of our good pals of ours.

Yukimazan: Just friends?

Purple: Not just a friend but a partner too. All of our friends know how to fight and we all work together as a team to conquer anything that stops us from reaching our goals!

Yukimazan: And if I may ask, do they look silly like a fool?

Purple: Hey! You can't sa-

Yukimazan: *giggles* Just pulling your leg Purple. I don't mind the external beauty of your friends. As long as they serve well and obey well like a real soldier, then they may be accepted. Right my little green tanooki?

YE nods with a smile.

Dash: I guess Yuki has some manners with his guests huh Ella?

Ellla: (To think that Purple was the one who stole my thunder and my mind. Oh well)

As Ella was thinking in her own mind, she reaches her hand for the spoon, dips it into the soup and just before she could even taste it...


Ella suddenly sneezed loudly, spilling her soup on her knees while the remainder of the soup in her spoon blew into Yuki's face. Ella was a bit terrified after her sneeze.

Ella: Oops. Excuse me and sorry Yuki. *blushes*

Yukimazan..........Apology accepted.

Nightwolf: *giggles while trying to hide his laughter*

Oxus: Oooh, not good.

Purple: (Woah, that's some bad luck right there I guess. Hope the suit doesn't boil his anger. )

Yuki grabs a napkin and wipes his face until the leftover soup was cleaned off. Ella asks for permission to go to her room and grabs a dumpling for her only dinner while leaving the dining room.

Yukimazan: Hmm........Dash, may I ask you something?

Dash: What is it Yuki?

Yukimazan: Tomorrow, can you, Purple, Oxus and Ella prepare a welcome session for their friends. It is important to show appreciation and humbleness to those who we will meet.

Dash: Sure thing Yuki. Are you helping along too?

Yukimazan: My helping hand is always there Dash. Surely, shouldn't a Prime Minister like me of the Fan Kingdom not aid his comrades in need?

Dash: But this isn't gonna be a war Yuki. It's just some sort of welcome party.

Yukimazan: War or not, that's what friends are for. For now, get some rest as you desire.

Dash: *finishes his meal* All right then.

Nightwolf: *finishes* Same for me! I going to love ripping their faces off!

Dash: Nightwo-

Yukimazan: Nightwolf, I suggest you should take your slumber before the full moon even shows itself. You can have your little rampage tomorrow with our guests. Just make sure you don't grind your claws onto any glass objects in this castle.

Nightwolf: All righty mighty! Thank you big brain!

Yukimazan: (With a small head. What dry humour he has. )

Nightwolf and Dash soon left the table and went to their rooms.

Yukimazan: Where's Litle P Oxus?

Oxus: He's taking his sleep early Yuki. He already had his meal before our chow down.

Yukimazan: That's quite an early mouse for him.

Oxus: You mean early bird Yuki.

Yukimazan: He looks more like a yellow cute mouse to me eventhough he's a Pichu. But I hold no offense to him. Orok, Clyde, are you all finish?

Orok: Yessiree! I'm quite stuffed.

Clyde: You bet it's finished!

Yuki then stands from his chair and bows to the three.

Yukimazan: Tomorrow we will welcome our new comrades so make sure you wear on your favourite attires with the exclusion of dirt, old and bad-minded things if you get what I mean. So now, we shall slumber. Thank you and good night if you're going to your dreams right away.

Orok, Oxus and Clyde bows to Yuki as they all head back to their rooms for the next day to come.

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