This is an idea page for Yukimazan Adventure Series. Categories here are Characters (You wish to add in), Artworks, Suggestions And Feedbacks, Changes For Your Characters and Comments.


Here you can post any characters that could be in the Yukimazan Adventure Series. But see the description below if you want them in.

Name: (Any fanon character like Pesh and Litle P)

Primary Weapon: (Any weapon that is mainly used by the character like swords, bow, gun, etc. But it must be something like in the past. Magic is allowed but only elemental kinds like Earth, Fire, Water, Ice, Wind, Supernova, etc.)

Secondary Weapon: (Same as above except used as another weapon held by the character. This is optional.)

Kaiden attack: (Kaiden attack are similar to Final Smashes except they don`t use transformation, only ultimate powerful attacks. This is optional.)

Ultima Forms: (Ultima Forms are forms that makes your character more powerful. See here for more details on it. This is optional.)

Orbs: (See here for details. This is optional).


Here you can post your images that you`ve created for YAS.

Suggestions And Feedbacks

Here you can post ideas on what you think to make it better or greater. No harsh words. Yuki, has worked hard, good Job to start With anyway! :D Stelios7Ani424MSHe is really Unique!! :D :D :D

Changes For Your Characters

Here you can change your character`s weapon or kaiden or Ultima Forms, etc.


Here you can just say anything about it.

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