Yukimazan Adventure is a series made by Yukimazan. The protagonist serves The Fan and tries to unify the land.


The series is still going, more parts need to be added onto this list



Character Infos


Weapon: Folding Fan, Black Peace, Divine Strike

Abilities: Transform, five-elemental magic.

Ultimate Attack:

Folding fan: Throws it as it circles around Yuki, dropping bombs which soon explodes around Yuki.

Black Peace: Causes a black erupting shockwave with dark diamond-shaped rocks

Divine Strike: Does a lot of slashes and ends with one hard lunge.

YoshiEgg Nook

Weapon: Black Orbs

Abilities: Uses dark magic and floats on a prism

Ultimate Attack: Summons a portal that throws out a giant monster fist


Weapon: Katana

Abilities: Fire Magic, ninja moves

Ultimate Attack: Summons a giant shuriken that explodes after being thrown

Dash Koopa

Weapon: Sword, whip

Abilities: Rock magic

Ultimate Attack: Slams the ground with the whip causing cracks and eruptions and ends with a giant geyser.


Weapon: Big hammer

Abilities: Controls stone with magic and stuff

Ultimate Attack: Starts flying around and stone pillars burst from the ground everywhere she goes

Andy Pasta

Weapon: Pasta and a pot of a boiling tomato sauce

Abilities: Spaghetti Slide (Uses spaghetti to make the battlefield slippery)

Ultimate Attack: Last Orders (Sends out a lot of pasta and his boiling sauce over all opponents, without fail.)

Emerald The Sceptile

Weapon: Leaf Blades (the leaves on his arm by the metal bracelet).

Abilities: Super Speed, incredible and jumping abilities.

Ultimate Attack: Frenzy Plant (summons gigantic vines from the ground which smack into opponents.)


Weapon: Pyro Sword (a huge flaming sword)

Abilities: Throwing Fireballs

Ultimate Attack: Changes into Shadow DREW and can throw highly powerful fire and smoke as well as merge into the shadows.

Malcolm Leychester

Weapon: Musket

Abilities: Summon Scouter Drone (3 Scouter Drone Limit that works on steam and coal on the battlefield)

Ultimate Attack: Bullet Hell (Fires a furry of bullets from his weapon around him)


Weapon: Sword, Spell Books

Abilities: Controls water, telekinesis, and transform into different stages of water, such as steam, liquid, and ice.

Ultimate Attack: Uses the powers of the Water Gods, growing water wings and powerful water spells.


Weapon: Quick Katana (A large katana that can strike with lightning speed)

Abilities: Super Speed

Ultimate Attack: Uses the Northern Star to power into Star Speedy, a super form that lets Speedy fly at extremely fast speeds, and can blind the other character with a flash of light.

(more to come)

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