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Yukimazan is a warrior who posseses a folding fan that could cut 1000 trees with a throw or a swing. He is mostly talented in strategies and tactics during war.

Yukimazan Adventure Series

In Yukimazan Adventure Series, he is the main protangonist and helps The Fan to unify the Fantendo Kingdom. In episode 62, he receives his new Koopa Form.

Human Form

Primary weapon: Folding Fan, Black Peace

Secondary weapon: Five Jade Sword

Ultimate attack: He throws his fan while it goes around him one leaving bombs on the ground. When the fan went back to Yukimazan, he detonates the bombs. For Black Peace, he creates a portal with diamond shaped rocks coming out of it and then the rocks connects and fires black lasers at the opponent.

Koopa Form

Primary weapon: Divine Strike, Black Peace


"I trade my soul with a demon. I may die a thousand times, but I will always be....reborn."

"My duty is to fix the time of humanity. If anything goes wrong, I would just have to replace, repair or perhaps.....exterminate for peace."

"I am no god, yet I am feared by all."


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