Yugoscript is a programming language created by RECHSOFT. Yugoscript was first published in 1990 as part of the AtHome's GDK. The language was most commonly used in RECHSOFT consoles, although it has also found itself as part of computer servers, and is now used in games only.

Yugoscript was named after the former nation of Yugoslavia. It was named after the country as a sign of, "unity and banding together for the common good". The programming language uses Croatian for it's scripts. An example of a flashing colour script would be as follows;


The script tells the screen to flash (The first Bljesak) rainbow (Duga), and to flash (The second Bljesak) every two seconds (DvaSekunde).


Console GDK versions

Version Name Version Number Release Date Updates & Notes
Belgrade 1.00.00 5/6/1990 -First official version.-Works with AtHome and newer.
Belgrade 1.10.00 11/4/1991 -Switched programming language to the newer script.
Belgrade 1.20.00 1992 -Added 20 new script types.-Created an upgraded graphics support script.
Belgrade 1.21.00 1993 -Bugfixes.
Belgrade 1.30.00 1994 -Edited Composer.-Edited Sprite Canvas.

-Last released AtHome upgrade.

Macedonia 1.40.00 1995 (?) -Doesn't work with anything except it's standalone ROM.-A vaporware RECHSOFT computer.

-Comes with a German-only version of Spikeyfruit Shadows.

-Known as "AtHome XtraVision 2" in the ROM Header.

Ljubljana 2.00.00 1995 -Works with AtHome Disc and newer.

-Added 300 new script types.

-Contains voice-overs by Spikeyfruit's Voice Actor on how to use Ljubljana.

-Upgraded Composer.

-Upgraded Sprite Canvas.

Ljubljana 2.10.00 1996 -Upgraded Movie Maker to include CGI.-Upgraded Movie Maker to include voice-overs.
Ljubljana 2.20.00 1997 -Upgraded Sprite Canvas to include imported sprites.
Ljubljana 2.30.00 1998 -Upgraded Composer to include imported OSTs.
Ljubljana 2.40.00 1999 -Added 40 new script types.-Last official release for the AtHome Disc.
Weimar 3.00.00 2000 -Added 1,000 new script types.-Upgraded Sprite Canvas to SpriteModel.

-Contains new voice-overs created by Centipede's voice actor.

-Last official version for consoles.

-Only official version for VectorMan.